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Posts tagged "workers' compensation"

Guarding against the hazards of snow removal

West Virginia residents are no stranger to the hazards of snow removal. Something as fundamental as one's posture when lifting a load of snow can spell the difference between a tolerable winter and one spent in the hospital. This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has provided some safety tips for everyone who works in the snow removal industry.

Meat and poultry worker safety the subject of a GAO report

The Government Accountability Office has released a report analyzing the ways that OSHA, together with the Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service, has been addressing safety concerns in the meat and poultry industry. West Virginia workers in this industry are probably aware of the dangers, which can include exposure to hazardous chemicals and fatigue from increased line speeds. Many are even denied the proper number of bathroom breaks.

Staying safe while outside

West Virginia workers and others who work outside in the cold could suffer serious injuries from prolonged exposure to the elements. It may be possible to get frostbite or hypothermia from being outside for too long. As a general rule, a worker should spend 15 minutes indoors for every hour spent working outside. In addition to the actual air temperature, wind speed and moisture levels may also play a role in making outdoor work dangerous for an individual.

Top workplace safety violations in 2017

Some of the most common safety violations that West Virginia employees see in the workplace are related to fall protection. This is according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which has released a list of the 10 most common workplace safety violations that occurred from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.

Safety training strategies for multi-generational workforces

Employers in West Virginia have an obligation to inform their employees about workplace hazards and safety procedures. To ensure successful communication, safety trainers should understand the demographics of their audience. Workplaces today increasingly employ up to four different generations of people.

Making safer work environments

West Virginia employees may wish to learn about new perspectives emerging in the field of workplace accident prevention. Employers in the past have often only recorded and taken action about incidents that directly resulted in a serious injury, but this approach may not be the most effective. According to a number of safety advocates, it's also advisable to record even potential accidents and work to improve workplace safety conditions overall.

Study finds few safety reporting improvements

Each year, many West Virginians are seriously injured while they are working on the job. When this happens, they and their families endure serious financial repercussions. The companies at which the workers are employed also suffer financial losses as a result. Despite this, a study shows that few improvements have been made by sustainable corporations in their safety and health reporting and compliance.

OSHA fact sheet for confined spaces

Construction workers in West Virginia should be aware of a fact sheet issued by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration. The document is intended to help residential construction companies adhere to the safety standards for confined spaces. The National Association of Home Builders assisted with the development of the fact sheet.

Hard hats to become like mountain climbing and sports helmets

West Virginia workers on jobs where objects could fall or fly around face a risk of serious injuries. Because of this, an Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule requires protective helmets for these workers. A typical hard hat has an interior support that separates the skull from the outside of the hat, which could diffuse and limit the impact of an object on the wearer. Now some construction companies are seeking to improve upon the design of workers' protective gear by adapting technology used in helmets for mountain climbers and other athletes.

OSHA and NIOSH release heat safety smartphone application

Workers in West Virginia and around the country who perform their duties outdoors face additional hazards during the summer months. Heat-related conditions claimed the lives of 16 American workers in 2014 according to figures from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the federal safety agency says that most of these deaths could have been prevented. OSHA has taken steps to address the problem by collaborating with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to develop a heat safety smartphone application for employers.

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