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Truck accident with train raises safety concerns

Accidents can happen for various reasons and are often very unexpected. Some accidents occur because a driver was negligent. This can happen when a driver speeds, is distracted or fails to properly maintain their vehicle. When a negligent driver causes an accident those affects could be seriously injured or even killed.

Motorcycle accident occurs in early morning traffic

Early morning traffic can mean a lot to West Virginia residents. It can mean a very long commute to work. Vehicles can be stopped on major roads and move at crawling speeds. When this happens, it is important that drivers are attentive to the vehicles ahead of them and behind them. It is also crucial that drivers watch for merging vehicles and leave room for them. Motorcyclist should be especially careful in dense traffic. A motorcycle accident is more likely in traffic and drivers are less likely to see these small vehicles because they tend to be hidden in their blind spots. A motorcycle crash has the tendency to result in serious injuries or even fatalities.

Head on collision sends two to the hospital

High traffic roadways are filled with vehicles of various sizes in a rush to get to their destinations. When a car accident occurs, not only could serious injuries and severe damages result, but there can also be a resulting increase in traffic. Traffic could be backed up for miles and for hours while emergency crews tend to the scene of the accident. Drivers could become angered because of this delay. It is important that drivers remain calm during traffic caused by an accident in order to prevent another accident from occurring.

Fatal accident underscores importance of workers' compensation

A work environment can be fatal if proper safety and training is not implemented in the workplace. Even when an employer specifically addresses any health and safety issues at the workplace, accidents can still happen and they could turn out to be fatal. When an employee is injured or killed on-the-job, it is important that the injured worker or the family of the deceased worker can seek workers' compensation. This will assist with any financial burdens that may occur.

Some car accident victims left with sky-high medical expenses

Riding in a helicopter is not something every West Virginia resident gets to do, and it is certainly something that drivers and passengers do not want to do following a collision. But when a tragic car accident occurs and results in severe damages and serious injuries, the ability to be airlifted and transported to the hospital quickly is extremely important and medically beneficial.

Local West Virginia man raises awareness for motorcyclists

Residents of West Virginia know that when the temperature increases and the spring and summer months near, more and more motorcyclists can be seen on the roadways. The increasing numbers of motorcycles on the road also increases the chances of motorcycle accidents. When a collision occurs between a motorcyclist and another vehicle, the chances of the motorcyclist suffering injuries is high. These types of accidents usually end tragically with severe damage, serious injuries and even fatalities.

Two-car collision in Rockport results in one fatality

The size and magnitude of an accident can range and is often dependent on what type of accident it is. A car accident could involve only vehicles, but also could include much damage to nearby signs, poles, houses and structures. The severity of a crash is not only determined by the size of the accident site, but also the intensity of the collision. Accidents that involve fast-moving vehicles are more likely to result in serious injuries and fatalities.

Three injured and one killed in a head-on collision in WV

With accidents usually comes fault, but sometimes cause is not always easily determined for an accident. Car accidents occur fairly frequently on the roadways, and usually one driver is the party that is liable for the incident. In other instances, it could be a contributory incident where both parties' negligence or carelessness contributed to the cause of the accident. Slowing down, yielding, staying off the phone and checking the vehicle's mirrors could prevent some accidents. Other times, even when alert and practicing safe driving habits, a driver's reaction time isn't fast enough to avoid an oncoming hazard.

Two-car accident injures five in West Virginia

Accidents on roadways are constantly occurring, and, at times, cannot be prevented. Car accidents in Beckley can be attributed to several factors such as weather, speeding, failure to yield and improper maintenance of a vehicle. Whether it is rain or snow, drivers should always factor in the road conditions during inclement weather. Reducing speeds for weather and traffic is crucial and could easily prevent an accident. Drivers should always practice safe driving by wearing a seat belt and following all traffic signs and signals. Lastly, in order get to a destination safely, drivers should have maintenance routinely done on their vehicle.

Two injured after a collision between a truck and an ATV

Accidents can occur with various vehicles of different sizes. A truck accident can cause much damage to the other vehicles involved in the collision due to their large size. Vehicles such as ATV's and motorcycles pose an additional risk to their drivers and passengers because they are not confined within the vehicle. Being thrown from the vehicle is more likely and serious injuries or even death and ensue the collision. Even when the riders are wearing helmets, being thrown off an ATV or motorcycle can cause the rider to suffer several injuries.

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