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What damages are available to accident victims?

Accidents are often unexpected. Not only do drivers and passengers not suspect being involved in a car accident, but also they are not prepared for the aftermath the car crash could cause them. When car accident victims in West Virginia are involved in a collision caused by a negligent driver, they are often aware of their rights and ability to file a civil action, such as a personal injury claim, in order to recover damages. But what types of damages are available to accident victims?

When can an accident victim sue for pain and suffering?

Drivers and passengers in West Virginia are aware that they must be injured in a car accident in order to file a personal injury claim. Moreover, victims of an automobile collision have various recourses following an accident caused by another party. In some cases, a victim could suffer greatly from the injuries caused by the accident, and because of their pain and suffering, the damages and costs associated with the accident are large.

West Virginia officer injured in a hit-and-run crash

The importance of remaining attentive while behind the wheel can never be overstressed. Drivers in West Virginia will encounter an accident site from time to time, and in many cases these automobile collisions are caused by a negligent driver. When a driver fails to pay proper attention, is speeding or fails to follow traffic signs and signals, they could strike another vehicle or even a pedestrian or cyclist in the area. This could lead to serious injuries and the driver at fault could face major criminal and civil consequences.

Multi-vehicle crash injures four in West Virginia

During certain times of the day, traffic can be very intense in West Virginia. During rush hour, many travelers seek to reach their destinations in a timely matter, but serious traffic, construction, detours and car accidents could extend their travel time. Furthermore, if a driver fails to properly pay attention when the road is congested, they could collide with a vehicle and even cause a chain reaction accident. This will include several vehicles, numerous victims and could result in serious injuries and severe damages.

West Virginia woman killed in pedestrian accident

For some residents in West Virginia, it is more convenient for them to travel by foot. Although it is better for them and the environment, pedestrians do encounter some risks while they travel near and on roads. Even in areas with sidewalks, marked crossing, reduced speeds and signs, an auto-pedestrian accident could still occur. Whether a driver is distracted or speeding, it is often challenging for a person to avoid a collision when a vehicle is headed straight for them. Moreover, an individual is often seriously injured or killed on impact, simply due to the size of the vehicle and the speed of the vehicle.

Driver charged with fatal crash that kills man and his daughter

For some residents in West Virginia, it would be very difficult to get through daily life without an automobile. But although cars are extremely useful and practical, motorized vehicles can lead to some serious and even fatal incidents when a driver is not properly paying attention or not abiding by a certain standard of care. This can happen when a driver texts or is under the influence. A negligent driver and his or her actions could hurt a number of people on the road, including their friends and loved ones.

Three-car crash in West Virginia leaves several injured, 2 dead

Driving is often part of an individual's daily routine. Whether it is traveling to work, home, a store or a restaurant, the roads are constantly filled with commuters and tourists in a rush to get to their destination. Depending on the time or the circumstances on the road, drivers could encounter heavy traffic teeming with negligent drivers. These drivers could cause a car accident that affects numerous individuals.

Two transported to hospital following crash in Beckley

A simple negligent act could seriously injure or kill another driver or a passenger on the road. Driving too fast, failing to yield or stop, driving took closely to other vehicles, failing to use a turn signal, making an abrupt stop and texting while driving are all dangerous actions that could result in an accident.

Three injured in two-car accident in West Virginia

It is not uncommon for roads to close when an accident occurs. Drivers in West Virginia might have to detour around a major automobile collision or multi-vehicle crash. Although this might be frustrating for some drivers, it, not only protects those involved in the crash, but it also reduces the chances of others getting involved due to hazards on the road. Road closures allow for emergency crews to properly clear the site, provide medical care to those injured and for investigation to be properly conducted.

Alcohol a possible factor in Berkeley County car accident

West Virginia drivers understand that there are many things they can do to increase their safety on the roadway. These include watching their speed, wearing their seatbelts, signaling lane changes and turns, not using their phones while driving and not following other vehicles too closely. But even if a driver carefully follows all the rules of the road and takes every reasonable precaution, they may still be unable to evade a negligent driver.

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