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What makes a driver unqualified for commercial vehicles?

While it is common to see almost as many commercial vehicles as automobiles on the roadways in West Virginia and elsewhere, the driving privileges of truck drivers are stricter than those of other vehicles. In fact, federal trucking regulations require that drivers of commercial motor vehicles confirm that a driver is qualified to operate a commercial vehicle.

Taking action after suffering injuries in a truck accident

While the trucking industry provides many economical benefits for residents in West Virginia and elsewhere in the nation, these large vehicles present various dangers and risks on the roadways. Although semi-trucks and tractor-trailers allow large shipments to be made across states and the entire nation, if these trucks are not handled safely, a serious or even fatal collision could occur. Our law firm understands the gravity of a truck crash and how the negligence of a truck driver could be the cause of such collision.

Rights and remedies after suffering a brain injury in an accident

The negligence of another party could easily result in an accident that causes serious injuries to an accident victim. Whether it is a work accident or a motor vehicle collision, a victim could suffer a traumatic brain injury and endure long-term effects. The law firm of Stephen P New Attorney at Law understands the severity of a brain injuries and how greatly it could impact the lives of the victim and their loved ones.

What is the traumatic brain injury recovery process?

Suffering a major injury in an accident could greatly impact individuals in West Virginia as well as their loved ones. No one ever expects to get involved in an accident and they certainly do not expect to suffer a brain injury. Unfortunately, there is a wide range of causes for a traumatic brain injury or a TBI, and injured victims should understand what to expect in the recovery process.

Understanding the different types of brain injuries

When an accident occurs in West Virginia, victims are often concerned about the losses and damages they might have suffered as a result. Although some injuries are visible and obvious, there are some internal injuries that can sometimes go unnoticed initially following a collision. This is why it is important for accident victims to seek medical attention following a crash, even if no visible injuries are present.

Unsecured truckload injures, kills in West Virginia accident

It is rather difficult to travel on the roads in West Virginia without encountering a semi-truck or tractor-trailer. These massive vehicles are able to carry large loads and often transport them a long distance. Whether they are making a short or long distance shipment, truck drivers have numerous responsibilities. In addition to driving safely and avoiding fatigue, truck drivers need to ensure the safety of the vehicle itself. That means ensuring the truck is operating properly, the tires are in good condition and the load on the truck is secured. Failure to do so could result in a serious truck accident.

Truck accident with train raises safety concerns

Accidents can happen for various reasons and are often very unexpected. Some accidents occur because a driver was negligent. This can happen when a driver speeds, is distracted or fails to properly maintain their vehicle. When a negligent driver causes an accident those affects could be seriously injured or even killed.

Three-car collision injures three

Residents in West Virginia are well aware that the winter season can bring increased traffic and hazardous road conditions. Car accidents can occur at a moments notice and could include numerous vehicles. It is important that drivers reduce speeds for weather conditions and avoid texting while driving. But even in an attempt to avoid a hazard in the road by slowing down or stopping, a driver could in turn cause an accident if the drivers behind them are not aware of the hazard up ahead.

Two killed in a collision with a tractor-trailer

West Virginia locals and residents across the nation understand the importance of road safety. A fatal car accident can occur suddenly and result in tremendous damage and lost lives. Practicing safe driving is important, especially during times of increased traffic. Drivers should always watch their speeds and avoid texting while driving. It only takes a moment to trigger the cause of an accident so it is crucial that drivers always wear their seatbelts and remain attentive the entire duration of time that they are behind the wheel.

Motorcycle accident kills one and injures several

The fall season can still bring warm weather to locals in West Virginia and its surrounding region. This means that residents still have time to ride their motorcycles before having to store them away for winter. Motorcycle accidents can be very severe and frequently result in serious injuries or fatalities. Drivers should always be attentive, aware of vehicles nearby and use caution when changing lanes. It is always essential for drivers to watch their speeds, be aware of road conditions and follow posted signs.

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