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Understanding the signs and symptoms of a brain injury

While drivers in West Virginia do not expect to be involved in an automobile collision, the fact is that every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are at risk of being in a car accident. When a crash does occur, those involved should be sure to address all concerns involving the injuries and damages suffered. No matter if it is a major or a minor crash, accident victims should not overlook any type of injury, because not all injuries are apparent immediately following a crash.

How can you increase mine safety and prevent mining accidents?

Residents in West Virginia are well-aware of the risks and dangers present in the mining industry. Furthermore, many are knowledgeable about past or recent mining accidents that have impacted residents and workers in the region. For this reason, proper mine safety and training is crucial for all miners, no matter their status, position or how long they have been working. Keeping training up-to-date and taking note of accident statistics and causes could help increase safety and prevent fatal work injuries.

Taking action after a workplace accident

Many residents in West Virginia will work a good portion of their life. But when a workplace accident occurs, it not only impacts their ability to work but could also make it difficult to carry on and live a normal life. Our law firm understands how the lives of an injured worker and their loved ones could be seriously altered following a workplace accident. Moreover, our attorneys understand the importance of filing a workers' compensation claim in order to recover benefits necessary for their recovery.

Miner safety efforts help reduce fatal mine accidents

The coal mining industry is a crucial one in the state of West Virginia. The health and safety of miners are often of great concern. Mining is considered a dangerous and high-risk job that could cause serious and even fatal injuries to miners. This is why proper training and miner safety is important for employers and employees in the mining industry.

Understanding the symptoms of traumatic brain injury

When residents of West Virginia are involved in a car accident, they are often unprepared to deal with the aftermath of the collision. A car crash could result in a wide range of physical injuries that could temporarily or permanently affect the life of the car accident victim. A traumatic brain injury is considered a serious injury. Because of this, victims should be aware of common symptoms so they can take appropriate action following the incident.

What is the traumatic brain injury recovery process?

Suffering a major injury in an accident could greatly impact individuals in West Virginia as well as their loved ones. No one ever expects to get involved in an accident and they certainly do not expect to suffer a brain injury. Unfortunately, there is a wide range of causes for a traumatic brain injury or a TBI, and injured victims should understand what to expect in the recovery process.

The aftermath of a brain injury and legal remedies available

The aftermath of an accident could significantly impact the life of the victim. A serious injury such as a brain injury could lead to long-term medical issues. Our firm understands that the recovery process for injuries suffered in an accident could alter the life of the victim as well as their loved ones. A brain injury resulting from an accident could mean much medical treatment, surgeries, rehabilitation and long-term effects. Because this injury could impact the victim's quality of life and cause serious financial burdens, it is important that victims understand their legal rights.

Understanding the seriousness of mild to moderate TBIs

With regard to accidents on the roadway, some victims may brush off minor injuries. While some injuries might appear minimal, those injured in any type of accident should understand that their injuries could, in fact, be very serious. One of these injuries is a brain injury. A victim might experience a mild head injury that could progress into something serious or even lead to brain damage.

How do you file a workers' compensation claim in West Virginia?

Suffering an injury in the workplace could be a very serious and life-changing event. For some employees, a work injury could lead to temporary or permanent disabilities, impacting them for the rest of their life. In these situations, employees should be aware of their options following a work accident. Many question their rights regarding benefits and how to file for workers' compensation.

How is workplace safety enforced and injuries addressed?

Employees in West Virginia are aware that dangers are present in some occupations. Those working in these positions often undergo additional training and are provided safety equipment in order to reduce the risks associated with these dangerous occupational fields. While it is important that employers implement workplace safety procedures, these jobs are also regulated by federal agencies. Employees and employers should be aware of the requirements enforced by these agencies and the responsibilities of everyone involved. This could help an injured worker address any issues or claims they have following the workplace accident.

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