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OSHA's list of top 10 safety violations in construction

Like other occupations, those working in the construction field will receive training for their position. But unlike some jobs, construction workers receive additional education and training regarding their health and safety. This is due to the potential risks and dangers construction workers constantly face on-the-job. It is also the duty of an employer to ensure safety measures are taken and federal safety regulations are met.

How can you increase mine safety and prevent mining accidents?

Residents in West Virginia are well-aware of the risks and dangers present in the mining industry. Furthermore, many are knowledgeable about past or recent mining accidents that have impacted residents and workers in the region. For this reason, proper mine safety and training is crucial for all miners, no matter their status, position or how long they have been working. Keeping training up-to-date and taking note of accident statistics and causes could help increase safety and prevent fatal work injuries.

Movie highlights tragic West Virginia mining accident

Residents in West Virginia not only rely on the mining industry generally but also many residents work in it every day. Miners are aware of the risks, which is why employees and employers focus on mine safety. Despite these measures, mining accident still occur, causing some miners to suffer serious injuries and even lose their lives. The state of West Virginia has a history of fatal mining incidents, causing many to be concerned with the future of the industry.

Taking action after a workplace accident

Many residents in West Virginia will work a good portion of their life. But when a workplace accident occurs, it not only impacts their ability to work but could also make it difficult to carry on and live a normal life. Our law firm understands how the lives of an injured worker and their loved ones could be seriously altered following a workplace accident. Moreover, our attorneys understand the importance of filing a workers' compensation claim in order to recover benefits necessary for their recovery.

Miner safety efforts help reduce fatal mine accidents

The coal mining industry is a crucial one in the state of West Virginia. The health and safety of miners are often of great concern. Mining is considered a dangerous and high-risk job that could cause serious and even fatal injuries to miners. This is why proper training and miner safety is important for employers and employees in the mining industry.

West Virginia authorities respond to a fatal work accident

It is an unfortunate fact, but the truth is that accidents happen. Moreover, many do not have control over when an accident occurs because it is often the case that the negligence of another party might have caused the incident. Whether an accident occurs on the road or on-the-job, the details of the incident should be explored to determine cause and liability. In matters of a fatal accident, loved ones could file a cause of action.

Understanding mine explosions and mine safety

Residents in West Virginia are aware of dangers in the mining industry. A mining accident is a real danger and could put the lives of miners at risk. This is why safety in mines is a major issue that should be addressed for the mines in the state of West Virginia and mines across the nation. This could help improve the health and wellbeing of miners while also guarding them from serious accidents such as mine explosions.

Worker dies in coal mining accident

While employers in West Virginia work hard to increase and improve workplace health and safety, there are some work environments that are inherently dangerous. Although working in a mine could cause a miner to face various dangers and risks, certain regulations have been put in place to reduce these risks. Providing adequate training, using safety equipment and conducting routine checks could help avoid a serious mining accident. If a mine does not follow the rules and guidelines placed by the state and federal agencies, miners could face serious and even fatal injuries.

Workers' compensation: requirements of West Virginia employers

Workers in West Virginia are aware that some occupations are inherently dangerous, but whether or not there are known risks and dangers in the work environment, employers should always take action to improve safety in the workplace. When a workplace accident does occur, employers should also take steps to avoid similar occurrences from happening in the future. Moreover, employers have a duty to report these incidents to the appropriate state and federal organizations.

How do you file a workers' compensation claim in West Virginia?

Suffering an injury in the workplace could be a very serious and life-changing event. For some employees, a work injury could lead to temporary or permanent disabilities, impacting them for the rest of their life. In these situations, employees should be aware of their options following a work accident. Many question their rights regarding benefits and how to file for workers' compensation.

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