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Texting while driving and liability following an accident

West Virginia drivers are aware of the many dangers and risks present on the roadways and the fact that some of these dangers are created by negligent drivers. When a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are expected to abide by the rules of the road. Whether it is a longstanding rule or newly enacted legislation, drivers should be aware of rules put in place to increase road safety and prevent car accidents.

Distracted driving legislation reduces fatalities in WV

There are various causes of car accidents. While some wrecks are simply an accident, others are caused by the negligence and recklessness of other drivers. When a motorist gets behind the wheel of a vehicle and fails to drive safely, they put several lives at risk. In order to promote safe driving and reduce fatalities due to negligent drivers, new rules and strict penalties are often passed.

What are the motorcycle helmet laws in West Virginia?

Motorcycle accidents could include some of the most serious injuries of all vehicle accidents. Due to that fact, concerns regarding motorcycle safety are at the top of the list for motorcyclists in West Virginia and all across the nation. When a motorcycle collision happens, a rider could suffer a serious or fatal head or neck injury. Because motorcycles do not include the same safety features as other motor vehicles, helmets are worn to protect the heads of riders. Wearing helmets save lives, and helmet laws have been enacted to ensure these safety devices are properly used.

Legal remedies for West Virginia car accident victims

Unfortunately, there are some horrifying and traumatic events that could happen in West Virginia. In many cases, this is when an individual is involved in a car accident. Our law firm understands that the aftermath of a car crash could impact the life of an injured party greatly. Recovering from their injuries and getting back to their normal life could take much time and cost a great deal of money. Understanding cause and liability could help a car crash victim file a cause of action to recover an award to alleviate the financial burdens caused by the incident.

Options following a motorcycle accident

As previous blog posts have highlighted, motorcyclists in West Virginia face several risks and dangers on the roadways. While wearing a helmet helps protect motorcyclists from possible head and neck injuries, motorcycles do not include the same safety features as other vehicles. Our firm understands that motorcycle accidents could end in tragedy or catastrophic injuries. Victims of a motorcycle crash often require much medical attention and rehabilitation, impacting their life significantly. It is important they understand what options are available to them and what legal recourse they could have.

How helmets could help reduce injuries in a motorcycle crash

Residents in West Virginia understand the importance of highway safety. The concept of highway safety requires that drivers uphold the standard duty of care while behind the wheel of a vehicle, but also includes the usage of safety features by both drivers and passengers. With regard to motorcycles, riders do not enjoy the same safety features as motorists in automobiles, but wearing a helmet could help reduce the seriousness of a motorcycle accident. In some instances, wearing a helmet could prevent debilitating or fatal injuries to a motorcyclist.

Investigation ongoing for two-car crash injuring one

When a driver in West Virginia is negligent, distracted or reckless, they put several lives at risks. Although some accidents could be deemed simply an accident, several automobile accidents are a result of a negligent act of a driver. Such negligence could easily lead to a collision that could involve numerous vehicles and victims. Moreover, the unsuspecting victims could suffer serious injuries or even death due to the actions of the driver at fault.

Crash sends one car into West Virginia building

Drivers who fail to uphold the standard duty of care while driving put everyone at risk, not just other drivers and passengers but everyone and everything in the vicinity. Parked cars, bystanders or even buildings could become involved in a car crash. The breadth of the destruction might increase the amount of damages, injures and a negligent driver's liability.

Motorcyclist dies during surgery after crash in West Virginia

Seeing motorcycles on the roadways stretching across the state of West Virginia is not rare. Motorcyclists can be seen traveling on major roads, city streets and residential areas throughout most of the year. While most drivers on the roadway are aware that they share the roads with other vehicles, these small vehicles often go unnoticed. This is because motorcycles are difficult to see if they are in the blind spot of a driver. Furthermore, if a driver fails to check these areas or does not adequately check traffic before making a maneuver, he or she could easily collide with one of these small vehicles.

Six-car pileup in West Virginia injures several

Residents of West Virginia often witness heavy traffic during the early morning and evening commutes to and from work. It is during these times that drivers are in a rush to get to their final destination. This could lead to dangerous driving behaviors or distractions. If a driver is speeding or is on their phone, they could lose control of the vehicle. This could result in a collision with not only one vehicle but could also involve several vehicles around the initial crash.

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