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Posts tagged "Truck accident"

What makes a driver unqualified for commercial vehicles?

While it is common to see almost as many commercial vehicles as automobiles on the roadways in West Virginia and elsewhere, the driving privileges of truck drivers are stricter than those of other vehicles. In fact, federal trucking regulations require that drivers of commercial motor vehicles confirm that a driver is qualified to operate a commercial vehicle.

Taking action after suffering injuries in a truck accident

While the trucking industry provides many economical benefits for residents in West Virginia and elsewhere in the nation, these large vehicles present various dangers and risks on the roadways. Although semi-trucks and tractor-trailers allow large shipments to be made across states and the entire nation, if these trucks are not handled safely, a serious or even fatal collision could occur. Our law firm understands the gravity of a truck crash and how the negligence of a truck driver could be the cause of such collision.

West Virginia man files suit after semi-truck accident

Most West Virginia motorists drive carefully most of the time, but they must share the roadways with drivers who are less cautious. When one driver's carelessness leads to an accident, even the most cautious driver can be injured. And when the careless driver is behind the wheel of a large truck, an accident can easily lead to catastrophic injuries.

How do you determine liability in a truck accident?

Residents in West Virginia understand how any type of accident could seriously impact the lives of a victim and their loved ones. After a truck accident, a victim could suffer greatly. These massive vehicles often cause severe damage and could temporarily or permanently disable an individual involved. Understanding the cause of a truck accident is crucial in order to file a civil suit.

Establishing responsibility following a truck accident

Suffering injuries and enduring damages in a crash can greatly impact the victims involved as well as their loved ones. Our firm understands that when West Virginia residents fall victim to a truck crash, the results could be devastating. A semi-truck and a tractor-trailer are large vehicles that could seriously injure or even kill a victim in their path. Whether they are in another vehicle or are a pedestrian, the large size of these vehicles could temporarily or permanently disable a victim struck by a truck.

Unsecured truckload injures, kills in West Virginia accident

It is rather difficult to travel on the roads in West Virginia without encountering a semi-truck or tractor-trailer. These massive vehicles are able to carry large loads and often transport them a long distance. Whether they are making a short or long distance shipment, truck drivers have numerous responsibilities. In addition to driving safely and avoiding fatigue, truck drivers need to ensure the safety of the vehicle itself. That means ensuring the truck is operating properly, the tires are in good condition and the load on the truck is secured. Failure to do so could result in a serious truck accident.

Fracking sites could pose truck accident risks

Due to certain industries, trucks are more commonly seen on certain roadways than others in West Virginia. Whether it is for drilling, construction or shipping, these massive vehicles are often more prone to causing accidents. Their large size creates large blind spots. Furthermore, they do not easily maneuver like other automobiles. This could make stopping and maintaining control of the truck more challenging. A truck accident could occur when a negligent driver fails to uphold a certain standard of care, while behind the wheel. This usually amounts to being attentive and following the rules of the road. When a driver fails to do so, they could cause a serious truck collision, injuring or killing the victims involved.

Fatal truck accident one of over 30 in Monongalia County

No matter what the type of vehicle a driver is traveling in, it is always important the drivers, not only follow the rules of the road, but also alter their driving for any road conditions. The winter weather will often influence travel and traffic, which can be frustrating for some. Driver who do not reduce their speeds when there are snow and ice covered roads could easily lose control of their vehicle. This could ultimately lead to a serious, ever fatal, collision.

Truck accident with train raises safety concerns

Accidents can happen for various reasons and are often very unexpected. Some accidents occur because a driver was negligent. This can happen when a driver speeds, is distracted or fails to properly maintain their vehicle. When a negligent driver causes an accident those affects could be seriously injured or even killed.

Pharmacy student recovering after truck accident in West Virginia

Following a serious accident, victims often face daily struggles. Additionally, their friends and family members could also be impacted by the accident as they offer their support and help the loved one through their recovery. A truck accident often leaves the vehicle and its occupants severely affected. The massive vehicle could seriously injure a driver or passenger, which could mean long-term medical care.

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