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Posts tagged "Motorcycle accident"

What are the motorcycle helmet laws in West Virginia?

Motorcycle accidents could include some of the most serious injuries of all vehicle accidents. Due to that fact, concerns regarding motorcycle safety are at the top of the list for motorcyclists in West Virginia and all across the nation. When a motorcycle collision happens, a rider could suffer a serious or fatal head or neck injury. Because motorcycles do not include the same safety features as other motor vehicles, helmets are worn to protect the heads of riders. Wearing helmets save lives, and helmet laws have been enacted to ensure these safety devices are properly used.

Filing a cause of action after a motorcycle accident

It is not uncommon for individuals to drive or ride on a motorcycle at least once in their life. While safety measures and traffic safety rules have been implemented to reduce incidents involving motorcycles, collisions unfortunately do occur. Our law firm understands that when residents in West Virginia are unexpectedly involved in a motorcycle crash, their lives could be greatly impacted by the incident on a temporary and even permanent basis.

Options following a motorcycle accident

As previous blog posts have highlighted, motorcyclists in West Virginia face several risks and dangers on the roadways. While wearing a helmet helps protect motorcyclists from possible head and neck injuries, motorcycles do not include the same safety features as other vehicles. Our firm understands that motorcycle accidents could end in tragedy or catastrophic injuries. Victims of a motorcycle crash often require much medical attention and rehabilitation, impacting their life significantly. It is important they understand what options are available to them and what legal recourse they could have.

How helmets could help reduce injuries in a motorcycle crash

Residents in West Virginia understand the importance of highway safety. The concept of highway safety requires that drivers uphold the standard duty of care while behind the wheel of a vehicle, but also includes the usage of safety features by both drivers and passengers. With regard to motorcycles, riders do not enjoy the same safety features as motorists in automobiles, but wearing a helmet could help reduce the seriousness of a motorcycle accident. In some instances, wearing a helmet could prevent debilitating or fatal injuries to a motorcyclist.

Motorcycle and ATV crash in West Virginia, injuring one

Residents in West Virginia often witness various types of vehicles being driven on and off the roadways. While it is common to note automobiles, pickup truck and semi-trucks, smaller vehicles such as motorcycles and recreational vehicles are also driven throughout the state. Although these vehicles could be operated safely, these smaller vehicles do pose some major risks to their drivers and passengers. Even when a helmet or safety gear is worn, if a collision occurs, it is likely that the occupants will suffer serious injuries or could be killed.

Car collides with moped resulting in injuries and damages

Residents in West Virginia often see motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles frequenting the roadways during the warmer months. It is becoming more and more common for motorists to share the roadways with smaller vehicles, which makes it especially important for the drivers of the larger vehicles to be fully aware of their surroundings. Failing to check their mirrors and double check their blind spots before making a lane change or a turn could lead to a motorcycle accident. These small vehicles often cannot stand up to the impact of larger vehicles, and collisions often result in injuries and damages.

Motorcyclist struck and killed by car on West Virginia highway

A small or slight distraction that causes a driver to be inattentive even for a few seconds could lead to tragedy. A negligent or distracted driver could cause a serious or fatal accident. This is especially true if a car, truck or van collides with a motorcycle. These small vehicles are not equipped with the same safety features as other motor vehicles and even if a helmet is worn, it can only guard the motorcyclist to a certain extent.

Motorcyclist dies during surgery after crash in West Virginia

Seeing motorcycles on the roadways stretching across the state of West Virginia is not rare. Motorcyclists can be seen traveling on major roads, city streets and residential areas throughout most of the year. While most drivers on the roadway are aware that they share the roads with other vehicles, these small vehicles often go unnoticed. This is because motorcycles are difficult to see if they are in the blind spot of a driver. Furthermore, if a driver fails to check these areas or does not adequately check traffic before making a maneuver, he or she could easily collide with one of these small vehicles.

Motorcycle accident kills West Virginia woman

Residents in West Virginia may use the warm summer months to take a long car ride, a road trip or head to destinations to enjoy the weather. Motorcyclists often use this time to travel to nearby states or long distances in order to take advantage of the warm weather. Roadways are often seen packed with vehicles route to their vacation destinations, but sometimes motorcyclist can go undetected. This is due to their small size, ability to quickly maneuver between vehicle and risk of being hidden in the bind spots of drivers. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accident occurs in early morning traffic

Early morning traffic can mean a lot to West Virginia residents. It can mean a very long commute to work. Vehicles can be stopped on major roads and move at crawling speeds. When this happens, it is important that drivers are attentive to the vehicles ahead of them and behind them. It is also crucial that drivers watch for merging vehicles and leave room for them. Motorcyclist should be especially careful in dense traffic. A motorcycle accident is more likely in traffic and drivers are less likely to see these small vehicles because they tend to be hidden in their blind spots. A motorcycle crash has the tendency to result in serious injuries or even fatalities.

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