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Posts tagged "Brain Injury"

Saliva test could diagnose concussions in children

Concussions are traumatic brain injuries caused by a blow or jolt to the head. They are usually not life-threatening, and they don't always result in loss of consciousness, as some believe, but their symptoms can be severe: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, blurry vision, and even memory problems. They cannot be discovered through MRI and CT scans and are thus hard to diagnose. Residents of West Virginia should know, however, that there is one way that it might be effectively diagnosed.

Concussion and brain injury can be different for women

Women in West Virginia may be interested in information about how brain injuries affect them differently than men. A professor of neurosurgery at UCLA says that women are more likely to experience concussions and can have symptoms that last longer. Most research into concussions has been focused on men, so the reasons that women experience concussions differently are unclear.

Symptoms of concussions

West Virginia residents could suffer a brain injury, such as a concussion, if they become involved in a car accident or other traumatic event. While most people generally recover well from these types of injuries, others live with the symptoms for several days, weeks or longer if the injury was serious.

New device could help detect head injuries

West Virginia residents may be interested to hear about a device called EyeBOXCNS. It has been shown to quickly and accurately detect abnormalities in the brain caused by concussions or other head injuries by measuring elevated levels of intracranial pressure. This is done in a non-invasive manner as opposed to the traditional method of drilling a hole in the skull.

How head injuries may be impacted by the brain's membrane

When a West Virginia resident becomes involved in an automobile accident, the membranes that surround the brain help to reduce the forces, potentially protecting against a potential brain injury. While there have been many studies that have looked at how the membranes affect the severity of a resulting brain injury, the exact mechanisms are still not known.

Warning signs of TBIs require medical care

West Virginia residents who suffer a head injury should take seriously the possibility of long-term effects, as should their families. Traumatic brain injuries happen to about 2.5 million people throughout the country every year. The majority of the victims go to emergency rooms for treatment, and a portion of them require hospitalization. Although not every head injury leads to physical or mental problems, accident victims and their families need to be aware of warning signs in case a disability could be developing.

Family environment may affect brain injury recovery

West Virginia parents of children who have suffered a serious brain injury may be interested to learn that a study that looked at the long-term effects has been published. The study discusses the importance of the family environment and the effect of family interventions during the recovery period.

Recovering from a brain injury

Suffering an injury in an accident is a terrifying event. Following an accident, many questions are probably running through your mind. How serious is the injury? Will it be expensive to treat? How long will it take to recover? Will I recover from it? For those suffering a head trauma, the list of questions is likely endless. Traumatic brain injury victims in West Virginia often think about the recovery process and how it will impact them in the long-term.

What is the difference between a closed TBI and an open TBI?

Whether you are in a car accident, are injured due to a slip-and-fall accident or suffer from a workplace injury, individuals in West Virginia could suffer a head injury in a variety of accidents. A traumatic brain injury is a serious injury that could greatly impact the life and well-being of the accident victim. Therefore, it is important to understand the variety of TBI's that a victim could suffer and how the victim could recover from or rehabilitate such an injury.

We help accident victims after suffer a traumatic brain injury

As a previous post highlighted, the impacts of a brain injury can be extensive. It can drastically alter the life of a victim, causing them to continually fight for their life. Moreover, a head trauma will likely cause both young and adult sufferers long-term effects. This means that an accident victim will likely require medical treatment for the rest of the person's life. Such a situation can get emotionally and physically taxing while also amounting to a large stack of medical bills.

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