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Workers' Compensation Archives

West Virginia among most hazardous states to work

The good news first-since the Occupational Health and Safety Act was passed in 1970, more than 553,000 workers' lives have been saved. Over time, OSHA enforcement has also become stronger. The bad news however, is that 4,836 workers were killed while working in 2015 and the fatality rate remained the same as 2014-3.4 per 100,000 workers. In addition to this, between 50 and 60,000 workers died due to occupational diseases.

Injured on the job: a look at scaffold injuries

There are many jobs in which West Virginia residents can work to support themselves. Some are relatively safe, such as white collar jobs that require a lot of computer work. Others, however, are not so safe. Some jobs, such as those in the construction industry, require workers to put themselves in danger on a daily basis. Many risk their lives just to earn a living. There are certain protections that help ensure employers provide a safe work environment. However, unsafe working conditions are still a reality that put workers at risk of injury or worse.

What types of expenses does workers' comp cover?

Many West Virginia residents rely on their jobs. For many, losing a job would mean losing the only way to pay off monthly bills and everyday necessities. Understandably, this is a situation most would want to avoid. Unfortunately for some, this situation is unavoidable due to a workplace injury. For those who have been injured on the job, there are options.

Acknowledging the dangers of construction work

It is not uncommon for someone to be intimidated by the power of equipment and workers on a construction site. Construction workers play an infinitely important role in the expansion, growth, sustainability and strength of the United States. Just look around your neighborhood, and you can see all that construction workers have done for us. Every building, road, wire and pipes below ground can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of the working class. But it is not always easy work.

What is OSHA?

Forty-seven years ago, the United States Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 to help protect American workers. Along with the passing of the act came the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, an organization designed to not only protect workers from dangers in the workplace but to provide and enforce guidelines for employers to ensure the safety of their workers.

Are injured workers getting the benefits they need?

Workers in West Virginia and elsewhere are often required to take on taxing and dangerous roles. While these tasks might fall under the description of their job, employers are also required to take steps to increase safety in the work environment and reduce the number of injuries in the workplace. Nonetheless, serious and sometimes debilitating on-the-job injuries occur.

Workers' comp benefits for pro athlete currently debated

Being injured on the job is often a risk that employees in West Virginia must face. This is especially true if an employee is working in a high risk or dangerous industry. In order to address the concerns of injuries or illness in the workplace, workers' compensation is often available. This program is a way to help the injured worker enjoy workers' comp benefits throughout the duration of his or her disabling injury.

What regulations address unsafe working conditions?

Individuals in West Virginia and elsewhere often rely on their jobs to meet their financial needs. Being injured or made ill on the job can seriously disrupt a person's ability to maintain an income. Because there is a vast array of work industries, there is an endless list of risks and concerns when it comes to workplaces across the nation. Thus, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has developed rules and regulations to help injured workers and to protect their rights in this situation.

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