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Always seek immediate medical care after a car accident

A car accident can occur at any time, often causing serious damage to the vehicles involved and producing severe or life threatening injuries in the victims. However, many victims of car accidents leave the scene believing that they got lucky and did not suffer any injuries, when, in fact, they are suffering from an injury that does not yet cause pain.

Delayed pain injuries may occur in many parts of the body, causing long-term pain or disability if left undiagnosed and untreated, or may even prove fatal to a victim. Unfortunately, many victims do not seek medical attention soon enough to avoid or mediate these effects, because they don't think they suffered any injury at all.

Any time that you or someone you love experiences a car accident, it is important to seek out a comprehensive examination from a professional medical care provider. He or she can help you identify injuries you may not feel immediately, potentially preventing long-term injury or disability, or even saving your life.

Don't ignore abdominal pain

Internal bleeding and organ damage may both pose serious threats to the life of a victim if he or she does not receive treatment soon enough after an accident. In fact, internal bleeding poses not one, but two distinct threats. If an internal injury results in significant blood loss over a short period of time, a victim may die from that loss. However, if the injury itself is relatively minor and only produces a small amount of internal bleeding, the site where the bleeding occurs may grow infected and spread the infection through the victim's circulation system.

Organ damage may quickly become organ failure if a victim does not receive proper medical care quickly enough. Once an organ fails, it may trigger additional organ failures as the body fights to keep itself operational. Death by organ failure is an excruciating process, and may not happen quickly.

If you have any abdominal pain after an accident, seek professional care immediately, not several hours later. Whatever you are doing, it is not more important than potentially saving your life.

Other delayed pain injuries

If a person does not suffer abdominal injuries in an accident, he or she may still experience severe pain and complications from other injuries. If, for instance, the car accident results in a blow to a victim's head, it can produce a mild traumatic brain injury, which may affect many aspects of the victim's personality and cognitive abilities.

Whiplash injuries, which are soft tissue injuries usually in the musculature of the neck and back, may not cause pain immediately, but may later immobilize the victim when the muscles do respond to the injury.

Likewise, a victim may suffer damage to the spinal column, which can pinch nerves that run to every part of the body. When this occurs, it can result in ongoing pain, or numbness and tingling in the affected nerves.

If you suffer any of theses injuries, be sure to carefully examine the details of your accident to see if some other party may hold liability for your injuries through their actions or negligence. If so, you may successfully pursue compensation for your injuries, the associated medical costs and other losses you suffered on account of the accident.

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