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January 2018 Archives

NHTSA to host summit on drugged driving

Law enforcement officers have long been proficient in detecting drivers under the sway of alcohol. If necessary, West Virginia police can arrange a field sobriety test and ultimately examine a driver's blood alcohol concentration. However, the process for detecting the influence of other drugs is less straightforward. Further complicating the issue is the increase in drugged driving accidents, which some have attributed to the opioid epidemic.

Speeding causes as many deaths as drunk driving

A recent study shows speeding to be a primary factor in approximately 31 percent of all traffic fatalities. With a spike in overall numbers of traffic deaths, some safety advocates are proposing much harsher penalties for speeders to help relay the importance of slowing down to motorists.

The risks of not loading trucks properly

Overloading a truck can be dangerous for the driver and create excess wear on the vehicle. If a truck is too heavy, it could rollover, which may cause issues for occupants of other vehicles on West Virginia roads. It is also important to make sure that a load is properly distributed throughout the truck. If there is too much weight on a single axle, it could also increase the risk of an accident or increased damage.

Women: Don't be afraid to speak out about discrimination

You always realized you were the only female on the job, but you knew your work ethic and talents in the field helped secure your position. Working hard is a way of life for you, yet you can't help but feel that others aren't doing as much and are getting more opportunities.

Dealing with aggressive drivers and road rage

In West Virginia and across the U.S., dealing with aggressive drivers on the road is a part of life for many people. Aggressive drivers will ride another person's bumper, cut cars off, steal parking spots and more. To keep them from endangering anyone else, drivers should consider these tips.

Guarding against the hazards of snow removal

West Virginia residents are no stranger to the hazards of snow removal. Something as fundamental as one's posture when lifting a load of snow can spell the difference between a tolerable winter and one spent in the hospital. This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has provided some safety tips for everyone who works in the snow removal industry.

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