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Safety training strategies for multi-generational workforces

Employers in West Virginia have an obligation to inform their employees about workplace hazards and safety procedures. To ensure successful communication, safety trainers should understand the demographics of their audience. Workplaces today increasingly employ up to four different generations of people.

Various age groups typically grow up with different educational styles, and their familiarity with technology may vary. Older workers from Generation X, Baby Boom or the Silent Generation grew up in learning environments based on lectures and rote memorization. Millennials, however, expect more interactive experiences with short lessons and group activities. A safety trainer should blend these approaches to create effective training sessions that engage everyone. Other mixed media approaches involve making an online presentation available as well as hanging posters in break rooms.

Breaking people into small groups could also help achieve training goals. A sociologist who develops training strategies said that groups of two or three people work well for computer lessons. Someone without technology experience might be intimidated if left alone on a computer, but the support of a small group allows the person to overcome technology difficulties and engage with the content.

Keeping employees informed of safety represents an important step toward avoiding injuries. Even so, a person might fall victim to a workplace accident at any time. A work injury entitles a person to benefits from workers' compensation. To gain these benefits, a person must report the problem and file a claim. In some situations, one might have concerns about the process and wish to consult an attorney. Legal advice could inform them about how to report unsafe working conditions as well as file an insurance claim. An attorney could also advocate for a person if the employer withholds information about the benefits or the insurer denies a claim.

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