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Woman charged on three counts in fatal drunk driving crash

Many people do not think much of getting behind the wheel after having a few alcoholic drinks. They underestimate the effect the alcohol may have on their system-they do not appreciate the cognitive impairment that can take place with just a few alcoholic beverages in one's system. Driving while intoxicated puts not only one's own life at risk, but also that of everyone else on the road. An accident caused by a drunk driver is especially tragic because it could be completely avoided if the driver had acted responsibly and made the decision not to drink and drive.

One such drunk driving accident took place in West Virginia recently. The multiple vehicle accident involved three passenger cars and two tractor trailers, according to police reports. As a result of the crash, a car went off the interstate bridge and fell around 100 feet into a creek underneath. He was hospitalized for a number of weeks before he succumbed to his injuries.

The 39-year-old driver was charged with DUI causing death, DUI causing injury and DUI with a suspended or revoked license. Even though criminal charges often bring an accident victim's family closure, it is not possible to replace the loss they have suffered in a car accident because of someone else's negligence.

Similarly, it is not possible to quantify the loss the family has endured through a civil suit, but the compensation received through one could go a long way in covering expenses that arose because of the crash, such as medical expenses, funeral expenses and pain and suffering.

Source:, "Woman charged in fatal crash on I-64 in West Virginia," May 9, 2017

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