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Why hire a lawyer to help with a car accident insurance claim?

Many people assume that as long as they have insurance or the other individual in their accident has insurance, then everything is fine. While it is true that it is preferable to have insurance in any accident, holding an insurance policy is not magic ticket that solves all of your problems.

Whether it is your own insurance or the other driver's insurance, these companies are just that — companies. As such, their primary concern is to remain profitable, and that is often at the expense of victims like yourself.

Often, this doesn't look like outright denial of coverage or benefits (although that does happen). Instead, these companies often delay paying benefits as long as possible and try to avoid paying fully what they should.

Is it possible to fight these injustices on your own? Yes, technically it is possible, in the sense that it is technically possible that you could get up tomorrow and decide to run a marathon without any training. However, it is almost certainly not the wisest approach.

Don't lose fair compensation you deserve

When you suffer an injury in a car accident, you can't wait until an insurance claim settles to seek out medical treatment. There are many kinds of injuries that do not express themselves immediately that may result in serious injury or death without proper medical treatment.

But how do you go about getting proper treatment if you're waiting on an insurer to do its job and pay for your medical care? This may take months, or in some extreme cases a year or more.

After all, the insurer is not going to simply write you a check because you filed a claim. Before any insurer pays out any sum of money, it will open an investigation into the accident. They will only pay out benefits if you can prove that your injuries are real and, if it is the other driver's insurance, that their driver was responsible (or, in some cases, partially responsible).

Practically speaking the way the process works is that your personal insurance or government assistance pays for your medical care and then receive reimbursement from the other insurers. However, this can take time, and may face difficulty without proper legal help.

An experienced attorney helps ensure that all parties involved in your medical treatment get fairly reimbursed, and can also help negotiate delayed payment schedules with your medical care providers so that you're not left on the hook with medical bills you shouldn't have to pay. Without this kind of help, an insurer who refuses to reimburse when they should may seriously affect your credit score.

Don't wait to get professional help

You've already been through enough, there's no need to make things harder on yourself. If you suffered an injury in a car accident, you deserve the best medical treatment you can get without worrying about whether or not the responsible insurer will pay up when they should.

An experienced attorney understands how to fight for your fair treatment and ensure that your rights remain secure as you work to recover and reclaim your life.

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