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May 2017 Archives

Tesla workers reportedly passing out at the factory

West Virginia residents who have been following Tesla Motors as the company works to bring affordable all-electric vehicles to the market may be interested to learn that some of its factory employees have been passing out while working. According to reports, there have been more than 100 ambulance calls to the company's California factory since 2014.

The dangers of combustible dust in the workplace

For West Virginia employees who work in the manufacturing industry, combustible dust is a serious hazard that many do not take the necessary precautions for. Because combustible dust can be so hazardous and can result in severe incidents, there are certain things that both employees and employers should know.

Why hire a lawyer to help with a car accident insurance claim?

Many people assume that as long as they have insurance or the other individual in their accident has insurance, then everything is fine. While it is true that it is preferable to have insurance in any accident, holding an insurance policy is not magic ticket that solves all of your problems.

Motorcyclist fatalities increased in 2015

The number of motorcyclists and motorcycle passengers killed in accidents increased by 8.3 percent in 2015 according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the federal agency's figures suggest that those who choose to travel on two wheels are 29 times more likely to die on the roads than passenger vehicle or truck occupants. NHTSA accident statistics also reveal that recklessness is a worryingly common factor in fatal motorcycle crashes in West Virginia and around the country.

Poultry workers are often severely injured on the job

West Virginia residents may be surprised to learn that serious job-related injuries are more common in the poultry processing sector than they are in the saw mill, steel and auto industries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration keeps track of workplace accidents and injuries, and a report released in April by the National Employment Law Project using data reported to OSHA between January 2015 and September 2016 revealed that poultry processing was America's 12th most dangerous job.

Advancing automation raises concerns at safety meeting

With the continued development of highly automated commercial driver-assistance systems, issues that could potentially impact West Virginia motorists are on the table. At the annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance workshop held on April 24, an industry official acknowledged that technological advancements could lead to enhanced road safety. However, she also implied that regulations are needed to ensure that the appropriate safety standards are in place.

Technology takes aim at drivers using phones

The phones of West Virginia drivers who are involved in an accident may face additional scrutiny if states begin passing a law that allows law enforcement to detect whether the driver was using the phone at the time of the crash. While most states have laws that prohibit texting and other uses of the phone while driving, it is difficult to determine whether drivers were doing so at the time a crash occurred, and drivers might not be forthcoming about their habits.

The dangers of granular absorbents in the workplace

Slips and falls are among the most common causes of workplace accidents and injuries in West Virginia and around the country, and OSHA has put standards into place that require employers to keep their facilities clean and respond to spills promptly. However, some of the materials used in workplaces to mop up spills could pose a threat to workers' health. Granular absorbent materials are commonly placed on liquid spills as either a temporary measure or a more permanent solution, but many of these products contain dangerous amounts of respirable silica.

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