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Bicyclists at risk of serious injuries due to motor vehicles

Most people start bicycling as a way to improve their health. It's a great form of exercise and can be a quick and cost-effective way to commute to work or social obligations. For some people, however, biking can result in injuries or even death. West Virginia is actually one of the best ranked states for bicyclist fatalities. However, this doesn't mean that serious accidents involving bicyclists hurt by motor vehicle drivers don't happen regularly.

In the wake of an accident with a motor vehicle, contacting an attorney may be far from your first thought. However, doing so may be the only way to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Far too often, someone else's negligence is the clear cause of the accident. People in motor vehicles may fail to check for cyclists before turning or merging lanes. They may be distracted by a cellphone or intoxicated on alcohol or controlled substances. You owe it to yourself to hold that other person accountable for the damages they caused you.

Bike riders can suffer broken bones or worse

When cars collide with people on bicycles, the people in the car rarely suffer any injuries. The person on the bike, however, could experience catastrophic injuries. Broken bones, spinal damage, paralysis, head injuries and serious soft tissue damage are all possible. Even if you were obeying the law and wearing protective gear, the size and force of a motor vehicle can toss you into oncoming traffic.

In some cases, people in cars intentionally or accidentally open their doors, causing a “dooring” accident. The person the bike may be thrown into the air, sustaining serious injuries in the process.

Just because you enjoy biking doesn't mean you need to shoulder the responsibility for these kinds of accidents. People in motor vehicles need to learn to share the road with those on bicycles. Working with an attorney after a serious collision with a motor vehicle can be the best way to recover your losses, such as medical bills, property damage and lost wages while you recover.

An attorney will fight for you after a bicycle accident

You shouldn't have to worry about finances after someone else causes an accident. Retaining the services of an experienced West Virginia personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident can help. A compassionate lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies and ensure that any settlement offered is fair. If necessary, you can file a civil lawsuit to help you recover your losses.

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