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What are the different types of traumatic brain injury?

Different types of injuries can have different symptoms and consequences. Some injuries may only result in mild symptoms, while others can have serious, life-altering effects. Of all the different injuries a person in West Virginia can suffer, brain injuries are among the most serious. There are several ways that a person can cause harm to the brain, and each can have different causes and symptoms.

One category of head injury is the traumatic brain injury. There are a number of injuries that fall under this category, including contusions, diffuse axonal injuries, penetration injuries and concussions. Concussions are considered the most common type of traumatic brain injuries. They are caused by direct impact trauma to the head. This can result from falling, being shaken, kicked or even shot. Severe concussions can result in permanent damages.

Like concussions, contusions are caused by direct trauma to the brain. However, contusions involve localized bleeding in the brain. This may require surgical removal, as blood clots can be lethal. Then there are diffuse axonal injuries. These are caused by severe shaking or rotational forces, which create tears in the brain structure. It can result in permanent brain damage, coma -- and, in the worst case scenarios, death.

Last, there are penetration injuries. These occur when sharp objects enter the skull and brain. There may be lost tissue, tearing and rupturing of accessory tissue. Serious long-term effects can result and they can, in some case, be fatal.

When a head injury is the result of another person's negligence, victims have rights. They may wish to pursue compensation for medical expenses and other damages with the help of an attorney.

Source: FindLaw, "Types of Brain Injury," Accessed on March 27, 2017

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