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March 2017 Archives

Grain entrapment fatalities on the rise

West Virginia employees who work around grain silos may be interested to learn that the number of fatalities and grain entrapment cases have continued to increase. According to an annual survey regarding grain handling accidents, 29 entrapment incidents occurred in 2016, a 21 percent increase from 2015.

More West Virginia construction jobs means more dangers

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 940 construction workers across the country died in a work-related accident during 2015, which averages at around 18 workers each week. There are several reasons for this high number of fatalities.

Religious discrimination takes many forms in the workplace

Religion is an important part of the lives of many people in West Virginia, so business owners need to make sure that their employees aren't discriminated in the workplace due to their beliefs. The law defines several types of behaviors that could expose employers to liability if someone files religious discrimination claim.

2017 International Roadcheck blitz to focus on cargo securement

Cargo securement will be the focus of the 2017 International Roadcheck campaign, which is set to take place in June. Now that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has confirmed the date of the 72-hour inspection spree, drivers who travel the highways of West Virginia and other states alongside semi-trailers may want to learn more about the annual event and how it could potentially impact roadway safety.

Remote control tech could remove drivers from trucks

West Virginia truck drivers may be interested to learn that a California company is working on technology that would allow trucks to be driven remotely. The technology includes a retrofit remote control kit, radars and cameras that would provide drivers who are sitting in a remote location the ability to operate a commercial vehicle.

Reducing overhead danger in the workplace

Many workers in West Virginia are at risk from overhead hazards, particularly those who work in the gas, construction and oil industries. It is important that workers and their employers take the necessary precautions to reduce such risks.

When insurance fails: Bad faith denials

Imagine making monthly payments for an insurance policy for years. You have paid thousands of dollars in an attempt to manage risk. You have a contract that says that in return for regular payments, your insurance will cover you in the event of an accident. In other words, your insurance provider will compensate you for damages.

Warning signs of TBIs require medical care

West Virginia residents who suffer a head injury should take seriously the possibility of long-term effects, as should their families. Traumatic brain injuries happen to about 2.5 million people throughout the country every year. The majority of the victims go to emergency rooms for treatment, and a portion of them require hospitalization. Although not every head injury leads to physical or mental problems, accident victims and their families need to be aware of warning signs in case a disability could be developing.

Preventing workplace eye injuries

West Virginia residents may not know that every day an estimated 2,000 workers across the nation suffer an eye injury while on the job. About 90 percent of all of these accidents could potentially be prevented if employees wore appropriate eye protection gear.

The increase in traffic deaths

Motorists in West Virginia should be aware that 2016 is believed to be the deadliest year for drivers in the United States in almost a decade. Increased driving, which has been spurred by a better economy and lower gas prices, coupled with dangerous driving behaviors have contributed to traffic fatality rates.

Worker safety in warehouses

Warehouse workers in West Virginia who wonder how safe their workplaces are can look at several indicators that will give them a sense of their employer's commitment to safety. All new employees and contractors should be taken through a site induction. In addition to reviewing safety rules, the site induction should include the location of fire exits and the fire assembly point.

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