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Understanding how a brain injury impacts a child

Unfortunately, car accidents occur every day in West Virginia. What is even more troubling is that some car accident victims are children. When serious car crashes occur, the concern of severe injuries is often present. Head trauma is a concerning injury because it could greatly impact a victim for months, years or even for the rest of their life. However, when a young child suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), there is a going concern regarding the effects it might have on the accident victim.

A TBI presents serious health concerns for the victims that suffer them, and when children suffer such a horrendous accident injury, the long-term effects are often serious. Brain injury impacts a child's normal brain functions. A TBI in a child could occur from a violent blow or bump, which commonly occurs in a sudden jolt or could occur from a penetrating injury, which is a result of a foreign object piercing the skull and the brain tissue.

TBI's range from mild, which are commonly classified as a concussion, to severe, which could result in unconsciousness or even memory loss. Based on recent statistics, children aged 19 and younger often experience a TBI due to a sports and recreation injury. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that roughly 250,000 children received treatment for such injuries.

While spots-related injuries resulting in a TBI and unfortunately common among children, this is not the only cause of TBI's. Children are frequently passengers in vehicles involved in collisions, resulting in head trauma to the occupants.

Based on recent studies, it was discovered that children suffering mild to moderate TBIs are twice as likely to develop attention problems when compared to their healthy counterparts. Additionally, those with severe TBI's were found five times as likely to have secondary Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD.) Nonetheless, data suggests that most children suffering from a TBI do not display any deficits at all, and those that do, show long-term effects on skills such as speed and information processing, inhibition and reasoning.

Although children are impacted differently by TBIs, these are still serious injuries that require much medical treatment, rehabilitation and recovery time. This could become costly to treat. Thus, if a negligent party was the cause of an accident that caused a TBI, it might be possible to hold that party accountable through a personal injury claim.

Source:, "What are the effects of traumatic brain injury in children?" Ana Sandoiu, Feb. 11, 2017

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