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Types of brain injury recovery plans for mild TBIs

No one ever expects to get in a serious accident. However, when one occurs, victims in West Virginia and elsewhere are left struggling to deal with the aftermath of the accident. In some cases, a victim cannot simply walk away from the incident unscathed. Unfortunately, some severe collisions leave individuals on a long path toward recovery.

A traumatic brain injury or a TBI is one type of injury that could affect a victim for the rest of his or her life. This injury could permanently change the way the brain works, resulting in disabilities. Thus, researchers are constantly searching for recovery processes that could reduce or even overcome this impact.

A mild form of a TBI is considered to be a concussion. This form of brain injury is relatively common because it could occur in various settings, such as a work accident, car crash, slip-and-fall incident or even a sport injury. Researchers have known the impact an untreated or undiagnosed concussion can do to a person, therefore, much focus has been on properly and timely diagnosing this injury.

With regards to brain injury recovery, new treatment options are being tested and studied. One includes the use of pharmacological agents that could help support the rehabilitation process. Others have suggested that low level laser therapy could help to treat the symptoms and even damage caused by a brain injury.

No matter the treatment plan or process a victim chooses, it is likely to be a lengthy process. One does not heal or recover from this type of injury quickly. Therefore, accident victims will likely incur large medical bills among other damages and losses due to this injury. Because of that, victims harmed by a negligent party could seek compensation for their injury. This will not only help with the recovery process but offset any financial hardships resulting from the injury.

Source:, "The use of transcranial low level laser therapy for the management of mild traumatic brain injury," Daniel J. Bourassa, Jan. 24, 2017

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