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The severity of a whiplash injury in a car accident

Being involved in a car accident can be a serious and shocking event for any motorist in West Virginia or elsewhere. No matter the severity of a crash, a driver or passenger could suffer a serious injury. Even in a fender-bender or a rear-end collision, a car accident victim could suffer injuries that are more serious than they first think. One such injury is whiplash, which could cause an accident victim pain, discomfort and other issues following a collision.

Whiplash is a common accident injury that frequently goes ignored or mistreated. This is often due to the lack of understanding of the condition. Most victims suffer whiplash in a rear impact crash, and this injury occurs from the sudden acceleration and deceleration force of a victim's neck. This unrestrained, rapid movement of the neck going forward and backward can cause damage to both the bone structure and the soft tissues of the neck.

In some cases, whiplash can be so severe that it can cause a chronic condition. While it is typically not a life-threatening injury, it is one that could generate partial disability for a prolonged period of time. Although most people recover from a whiplash injury quickly and without chronic symptoms, anyone who suffers from whiplash is likely to incur some damages due to medical treatment and recovery time.

Those injured in a car accident should understand the full extent of the injuries that he or she suffered. Even though whiplash is deemed a less severe injury, it is one that requires medical attention. If a victim does not take the time to properly recover from a whiplash injury, he or she could suffer ongoing pain.

Because recovery time can be costly due to medical expenses and lost wages, accident victims should understand that they can obtain compensation for these losses. If a negligent party caused the accident that resulted in injury, it is possible to collect compensation in a personal injury claim.

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