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How do federal regulations limit truck driver fatigue?

Whether it is on a snow covered road or on a sunny summer day, sharing the road with large commercial trucks can be nerve-wracking for some motorists. These enormous vehicles can be intimidating to travel near, especially when motorists experience truck drivers that speed, travel too closely or drive over the line. Truck driver fatigue is often the cause of many truck accidents, and many innocent motorists fall victim to negligence every year.

How do federal regulations limit truck driver fatigue? Federal trucking regulations were passed to increase the safety within the trucking industry. These regulations are modified when it becomes clear that certain factors contribute to truck crashes. Truck driver fatigue has been an ongoing concern, and it has been addressed by restricting hours of service and requiring breaks by the driver.

Under a new government rule, which is aimed to enforce regulations specifically designed to address driver fatigue, roughly three million commercial truck drivers and bus drivers are required to electronically record their hours behind the wheel. While drivers have been required to keep paper logs since the 1930's, accident investigators and safety advocates have suggested that it is too easy to alter these records.

By keeping a clear and un-modifiable record of driving hours, investigators following a truck crash can clearly determine whether a driver was in violation of any federal trucking regulations at the time of the accident.

Victims injured in a truck accident should understand that there is recourse available to them. If a driver violated federal law or was negligent in causing the crash, it is possible to hold the driver and even the trucking company liable for the accident. A personal injury claim could help the victim recover compensation for expenses such as medical bills, lost wages and other related damages.

Source:, "To Fight Fatigue, Truckers Must File Electronically," Dec. 10, 2015

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