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Understanding the anatomy of a motorcycle crash

Although we have now transitioned into the fall season, warm weather is likely to remain in West Virginia and other states for quite some time. Because of that, motorists can expect to share the road with motorcyclists for several more weeks. These small vehicles are an excellent way to get around, save on fuel and are an enjoyable mode of transportation; however, these small vehicles pose various risks to riders. Even though helmets and protective clothing provide a certain level of defense against injuries, these unfortunately do not guard riders from serious and even fatal injuries.

A motorcycle crash is described as a complex event that could happen suddenly. This type of crash has the tendency to involve the interaction of human, vehicle and environmental factors; which can make it challenging to discern the actual causes or causes of a motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle accidents are a violent event that could result in much harm to those traveling on the bike. In fact, more than 80 percent of motorcycle injuries result in injury or death to the motorcyclist or their riders. Unlike other motor vehicles, the motorcycle itself is not equipped with a mechanism to protect a rider from head injuries. Thus, riders rely on helmets to guard them from head and brain injuries. The problem here is that motorcyclists are frequently thrown from their bikes, forcibly striking objects or the ground. Such an event is likely to result in head trauma even when a helmet is worn.

Based on recent statistics, roughly two-thirds of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle with the other vehicle violating the rider's right of way. Whether the other driver was distracted, failed to yield or was intoxicated, when another driver is at fault in a motorcycle accident, an accident victim has legal recourses available to them.

A personal injury claim could help the victim injured in the motorcycle crash recover compensation. This could help the injured party cover losses related to their serious injuries and any damages arising from the accident.

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