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September 2016 Archives

Understanding the anatomy of a motorcycle crash

Although we have now transitioned into the fall season, warm weather is likely to remain in West Virginia and other states for quite some time. Because of that, motorists can expect to share the road with motorcyclists for several more weeks. These small vehicles are an excellent way to get around, save on fuel and are an enjoyable mode of transportation; however, these small vehicles pose various risks to riders. Even though helmets and protective clothing provide a certain level of defense against injuries, these unfortunately do not guard riders from serious and even fatal injuries.

We help accident victims after suffer a traumatic brain injury

As a previous post highlighted, the impacts of a brain injury can be extensive. It can drastically alter the life of a victim, causing them to continually fight for their life. Moreover, a head trauma will likely cause both young and adult sufferers long-term effects. This means that an accident victim will likely require medical treatment for the rest of the person's life. Such a situation can get emotionally and physically taxing while also amounting to a large stack of medical bills.

What are the long-term effects of a TBI?

With the fall season coming upon us quickly, parents in West Virginia and elsewhere are likely gearing up for their children to play in sports. And in some of these sports, there are some risks for some serious injuries. While helmets help protect children from a potential head injury, this does not always prevent a brain injury from occurring during a sports injury or even when a child or anyone else is involved in an accident. In any type of accident, a traumatic brain injury could have serious and even long lasting impacts.

West Virginia to be the site of two new coal mines, despite safety concerns

This week, Ramaco Development announced it will build two coal mines in Elk Creek and Berwind. The company's CEO says the mines will provide jobs for approximately 400 people. He expects the mines to be operational in 2017.

Respiratory diseases related to the coal mining industry

The coal mining industry is an important industry in West Virginia and other states across the nation. Thousands of workers risk their life and their health every day to help promote this business trade. And in some unfortunate cases, miners will suffer in a coal-mining incident. Although the risk of injuries and illnesses are apparent in this industry, specific steps and regulations have been put in place to increase the safety of miners. Despite these efforts, miners suffer serious diseases related to the work they do in the mines.

West Virginia tops list for non-fatal mine accidents

For some workers in West Virginia, taking employment in a dangerous industry is not only a choice but also a necessity. Although certain career paths carry with it serious risks and dangers, these industries are heavily regulated and steps are taken to ensure the safety of the employees that work within them. Nonetheless, those working in the mining industry are still faced with dangers on a daily basis, and while these are not always fatal risks, these could result in serious harms if a mine accident were to ensue.

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