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Possible solutions for texting and driving

Today, most residents in West Virginia rely on technology to get through their day as an individual's phone can severe as more than a mechanism to make phone calls. It is likely a person's alarm clock, news delivery system, email tool, gaming device, and tether to social media. Although cell phones have an endless list of uses, their benefits can turn dangerous when used while driving. Distracted driving is a growing concern on roadways across America and cellphones are a major culprit.

While many texting and driving campaigns are similar to drinking and driving campaigns, there is one major difference between the two. With alcohol, campaigns suggest that drivers should drink responsibly and not get behind the wheel if he or she is over the legal limit. On the other hand, texting and driving initiatives do not seek to teach drivers to text and drive responsibly because there is no such thing. Whether a driver is on the phone for five seconds or five minutes, this is a dangerous activity that could lead to an automobile crash.

So what are the real solutions to texting and driving, and do they work to reduce and prevent this form of distracted driving? In recent years, much focus has been on changing both automobiles and the laws to create a safer environment. For example, the self-driving features in newer vehicles work to help prevent collisions. If a negligent driver begins to drift into another lane or fails to notice a car stopping ahead of them, the vehicle's warning system will provide lane-change warnings, correct the vehicle, or even cause the vehicle to stop.

While these safety features are a partial fix to the problem, auto manufacturers, suppliers, and government regulators question whether completely autonomous cars will be the only true answer. Currently, they are in agreement, citing efficiency, safety and other benefits, no national dialogue has been made about taking such a major step. Therefore, drivers must focus on making the roads safer by putting the cell phone down and focusing on driving.

Although some texting and driving campaigns work to reduce the number of texting and driving collisions, these unfortunately do no eliminate these crashes. Therefore, following a motor vehicle accident, victims should take steps to understand the cause. This could help them impose liability on a responsible party, which could lead to the recovery of compensation for damages suffered.

Source: The New York Times, "Are the Solutions to Distracted Driving Really What We Want?" Jamie Lincoln Kitman, May 2, 2016

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