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July 2016 Archives

West Virginia police investigate multi-vehicle collision

It is obvious that motor vehicle accident could occur on any type of road, for a variety of reasons, at any time of the day and could involve any number of vehicles. And while sometimes wrecks do happen, when it comes to car accidents, fault can likely be applied to a negligent party. Whether a driver was speeding, distracted, fatigued, or intoxicated, investigation could help establish the cause and assign liability.

The dangers of distracted driving

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 10 percent of all fatal crashes among teen drivers (age 15 to 19) involved distracted driving at the time of impact. Educating yourself and your family members around the dangers of distracted driving can save lives. If you have concerns that your teenager may be engaging in distracted driving, heed this advice on how to prevent your kids from distracted driving.

The benefits of longer and more intense rehab after a TBI

As a previous post noted, the recovery process for a brain injury can be lengthy, intensive, and very challenging for a victim. While a severe traumatic brain injury or TBI could leave an accident victim in West Virginia or elsewhere with a lengthy road towards recovery, some treatment plans may prove more effective than others. Therefore, TBI victims should consider all of their rehabilitation options, even if it is determined that they are suffering permanent damage.

Could sleep treatments help with recovery from a brain injury?

Whether it's at the workplace, in a motor vehicle, or on the property of another, residents in West Virginia are sometimes victims of accidents. While some of these incidents result in minor injuries, others cause victims to endure painful, serious, and even permanent injuries. Trauma to the head is particularly concerning. A traumatic brain injury or a TBI could result in permanent brain damage, causing an accident victim to suffer long-term disabilities.

Holding a negligent driver liable after a car accident

Nowadays, it is tough to get around without traveling in an automobile. For most residents in West Virginia, a car is his or her main source of transportation. While this is an effective and relatively safe way to get from one destination to another, every time a driver travels on a roadway, they are presented to several risks. Whether it is a reckless driver that is speeding, a distracted driver on their phone, a drowsy driving traveling late at night, or an intoxicated driver unable to maintain his or her lane, even the safest driver cannot evade a negligent driver. Moreover, when a car accident occurs, the resulting damages can be tremendous.

Possible solutions for texting and driving

Today, most residents in West Virginia rely on technology to get through their day as an individual's phone can severe as more than a mechanism to make phone calls. It is likely a person's alarm clock, news delivery system, email tool, gaming device, and tether to social media. Although cell phones have an endless list of uses, their benefits can turn dangerous when used while driving. Distracted driving is a growing concern on roadways across America and cellphones are a major culprit.

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