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New technology aims to reduce distracted driving

Whether a driver is traveling a short or long distance, he or she is likely to encounter situations that will distract him or her from the primary task of driving. Distracted driving is a growing concern among all drivers; however, awareness for this hazardous condition on the roadways in West Virginia and elsewhere among truck drivers is also growing. These drivers are more likely to travel long distances and during the late night hours. Because of that, truck drivers are frequently compelled to use technology to pass the time or make their ride more enjoyable.

In order to reduce the dangers a distracted truck driver could cause, efforts with technology have been made. A new tech device known as "textalyzer" was generated to help investigate accidents that are presumably caused by distracted drivers, and in turn, work to deter such behaviors while truckers and other drivers are behind the wheel.

The concept for this device is similar to a breathalyzer and would be administered by a police officer following an accident. When this device is connected to a driver's phone, it could provide access to the driver's call and text log. Ultimately, this could tell law enforcement and investigators whether the driver was texting or using their phone at the time of the crash.

Currently, a bill that would allow for the usage of this device is being considered in the state of New York; however, if this bill passes, other states could follow suit as a means to crack down on distracted driving among truck drivers and other motorists. Unfortunately, smartphones are a major distraction for all drivers, and because it is rare for an individual to not own a smartphone, it is essential to reduce the collisions caused by distracted driving.

If you or a loved one have been harmed in a truck accident, it is important to determine whether negligence played a role. If the truck driver was distracted, fatigued, negligent or reckless, this could help show cause and prove liability. Moreover, this could help injured victims recover compensation in a personal injury action.

Source:, "Breathalyzer meets 'Textalyzer' in NY state proposal," April 22, 2016

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