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Do speed cameras help reduce accidents caused by speeding?

Many West Virginia residents drive on a daily basis. Whether it's to work, school, the store or a friend's house, automobiles are an effective way to get to various destinations. While vehicles provide timely routes to our destinations, drivers often face obstacles on the roadways that cause them to drive unsafely. Rush hour traffic, accidents, slow drivers, being late or other similar situation often induce a driver to increase their speed on the road when they can. Even if a driver believes that they can control a vehicle at a speed beyond the maximum speed limit, speeding often increases the dangers on roadways.

Do speed cameras help reduce accidents caused by speeding? Because speeding is a major factor in automobile accidents and accounts for one-third of all casualties on U.S. roadways, it is an issue that needs to be addressed. In fact, traffic-related fatalities saw a rise in 2015, reaching an increase as high as 14 percent in December. This made 2015 the year with the most drastic increase in automobile fatalities in nearly seven decades.

In an effort to make traveling in automobiles more safe, a major culprit was singled out. In order to address the concerns surrounding speeding on roadways across the nations, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety believes that the problem could be mitigated with the use of speed cameras. Based on a recent study, they found that if these cameras were implemented on a national level, they could result in nearly 21,000 less severe or fatal injuries in traffic-related accidents.

While these are only projected numbers, it is believed that the use of speed cameras would have a beneficial effect, resulting in safer roadways. Speeding drivers could easily lose control of their vehicles, causing unsuspecting motorists, bikers and pedestrians to be struck. Addressing the dangers of speeding not only helps reduce these accidents but also helps hold violators accountable for the damages they caused.

Source:, "The Study We All Dreaded Is Here: Speed Cameras Can Reduce the Number of Accidents," Vlad Mitrache, Sept. 1, 2015

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