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April 2016 Archives

New technology aims to reduce distracted driving

Whether a driver is traveling a short or long distance, he or she is likely to encounter situations that will distract him or her from the primary task of driving. Distracted driving is a growing concern among all drivers; however, awareness for this hazardous condition on the roadways in West Virginia and elsewhere among truck drivers is also growing. These drivers are more likely to travel long distances and during the late night hours. Because of that, truck drivers are frequently compelled to use technology to pass the time or make their ride more enjoyable.

Do speed cameras help reduce accidents caused by speeding?

Many West Virginia residents drive on a daily basis. Whether it's to work, school, the store or a friend's house, automobiles are an effective way to get to various destinations. While vehicles provide timely routes to our destinations, drivers often face obstacles on the roadways that cause them to drive unsafely. Rush hour traffic, accidents, slow drivers, being late or other similar situation often induce a driver to increase their speed on the road when they can. Even if a driver believes that they can control a vehicle at a speed beyond the maximum speed limit, speeding often increases the dangers on roadways.

Helping West Virginia motorcycle victims protect their rights

With spring now in full swing, it is more likely for motorists in West Virginia to encounter motorcycles on the roadway. While it is not uncommon to share the road with motorcyclists, it is possible for these small vehicles to go unnoticed at times. Drivers of larger automobiles may not see a biker nearby due to a blind spot. Additionally, motorists often find it difficult to gauge the speed and distance of motorcyclists due to their small profile. This often leads to collisions because motorists often believe they have enough time to turn in front of a biker.

Parking shortages make it difficult to tackle driver fatigue

Federal trucking regulations seek to improve safety on the roads and reduce truck accidents. But, truck drivers and trucking companies might encounter difficulties when trying to comply with these regulations. Because of that, this could present some dangerous situations on the roads, possibly increasing the possibility of a truck crash.

What are common risks for motorcyclists that could cause crashes?

Now that spring has made its appearance, more motorcycles are seen on the roadways in West Virginia and other states across the nation. Motorists commonly share the road with these small vehicles, and as a result motorcyclists are exposed to unique dangers and risks each time they travel on a road. Due to their small size and the lack of any substantial protective barrier, motorcyclists not only face an increased risk in being involved in an accident, but also an increased chance in being seriously injured or killed if they are involved in a crash

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