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March is brain injury awareness month

As a previous post highlighted, a traumatic brain injury, or a TBI, could cause an accident victim to endure long-term medical care, incurring future medical costs. A head trauma could greatly impact an individual's well-being and health. The month of March is brain injury awareness month, which helps promotes the seriousness of this type of injury, the treatment options and prevention methods.

TBIs can range from a minor concussion to a severe head trauma that induces a coma. According to recent statistics, West Virginia medical professionals in Morgantown see roughly 4,000 patients a years with some form of head trauma.

Although there are several situations and conditions that could lead to an individual suffering a TBI, the most common mechanisms for this injury in this region are car accidents and falls. Doctors note that they also see their fair share of patients suffering a TBI due to an assault or as a result of a sports-related injury.

Head trauma prevention is not the same as finding a cure for a disease or improving research for diagnosis ailments. However, TBIs should be treated like a disease and prevented in a similar way in order to avoid long-term consequences. The #ThinkAhead campaign does more than promote ways to prevent these types of injuries, but also focuses on how TBI victims are cared for.

The TBI treatment and recovery process can be lengthy, but if injury victims are not getting the necessary care and rehabilitation, they may not be able to survive the injury or avoid the long-term consequences frequently involved with TBIs.

Getting the necessary care and treatment following a TBI is critical to the recovery process. However, this can be difficult, lengthy and costly. If a negligent party caused the accident that resulted in a victim suffering a TBI, it is important that the victim understand that there might be legal recourses available to them. A personal injury claim could help them recover compensation, helping them offset the damages and financial hardships caused by the incident.

Source:, "The Science Behind Awareness for Traumatic Brain Injury," Austin Pollack, Feb. 29, 2016

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