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Are you a victim of workplace discrimination?

Nobody wants to be a victim. Nobody wants to have his or her legal rights ignored. However, the law can be complex, and sometimes it's difficult to know if you are really being treated unfairly or not. What counts as workplace discrimination in West Virginia and what doesn't?

Let's explore the basics. Under both state and federal law, employers are not allowed to discriminate against employees who fall into certain protected classes.

The Human Rights Commission in West Virginia actively investigates complaints of discrimination within the last 365 days based on:

  • Race or ethnicity
  • Skin color
  • National origin or ancestry (where your family originally came from)
  • Sex or gender
  • Age (over 40)
  • Blindness or other disability

Here Are A Few Examples

You may have a valid workplace discrimination complaint if you encounter one of the following situations, among others:

  • You're a female employee who does the same work as the male employees in your office. However, your boss pays you 50 cents less per hour because he says, "Women just aren't as smart as men."
  • You're an African-American working in a mostly Caucasian company, and you keep getting passed over for promotions, even though you're more qualified than the other applicants. You suspect the lack of promotion is due to your race.
  • You have a physical disability that requires you to sit for 15 minutes out of every hour. Your job duties don't prevent this, but your employer refuses to accommodate your medical restrictions.

Remember, employment discrimination can come in countless different forms. If you have questions about your particular situation, it only makes sense to consult a professional. An experienced employment law attorney can listen to the facts of your case and provide the personalized guidance you need to protect your rights.

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