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January 2016 Archives

How common are fatal motorcycle crashes in West Virginia?

Although winter often means that most motorcyclists in West Virginia will have to put their bikes away for a few months, some die-hard bikers might hit the road a time or two. And, even if a motorcycle is put away until the weather is more ideal, motorcyclists should always consider motorcycle safety. This is especially true when purchasing a bike, equipment and safety gear. Taking extra caution could help reduce tragic incidents on the roadways.

Helping West Virginia accident victims with TBIs

Many questions go through a West Virginia accident victim's head following a serious incident. But, when an individual suffers a serious injury, such as a traumatic brain injury, the victim and their loved one wonder how they will be able to afford the recovery process. A traumatic brain injury or a TBI can be a costly and lengthy recovery process, not to mention an injury that greatly disrupts the victim's brain function and quality of life. The impact a TBI can have on a victim and their family can be rather tremendous. Because of that, it is important to understand what recourses are available to victims.

Bicycle accidents and brain injuries

Riding a bike is considered an enjoyable activity, and whether West Virginia residents ride their bicycles for fun, exercise, competitively or as their main method of transportation, there are some risks associated with it. This is especially true when they are traveling on or near roadways. While motorists are required to take caution when bicyclists are present, a negligent driver could cause a bicycle accident. Because of that, cyclists will wear helmets; however, these safety features do not prevent all injuries.

Is distracted driving as dangerous as drunk driving?

With the advancement of technology and the ever-growing ways to stay connected with those around the globe, it is difficult to not rely on and almost constantly use these forms of mobile technologies. While items such as mobile phone make it easy to talk, send emails, search the internet, send texts and play games, there are times when it is not suitable to use cell phones. One instance is while an individual is driving; however, the growing number of texting-and-driving accidents makes it a more concerning issue that other forms of reckless and distracted driving in West Virginia and elsewhere.

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