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Helping victims navigate civil actions after a motorcycle crash

Negligence is often the culprit of automobile collisions on West Virginia roadways. When a motorcycle is involved in a crash, it is likely that a motorist failed to see the motorcyclist. Whether it is due to distractions, intoxication or reckless behaviors such as speeding, when a motorist fails to check blind spots, signal turns and yield to oncoming traffic, it is likely that a motorcycle accident will ensue.

When a motorcyclist is a struck by a vehicle, it is more likely than not that the rider and any passengers will suffer serious injuries. These often include injuries such as head trauma, bone fractures, neck injuries, back injuries, road rash, amputated limbs and even fatal injuries. And, because motorcycle crashes are frequently caused by motorists who fail to see or accommodate motorcyclists on the roads, a victim could hold a negligent driver liable for the incident.

With over 10 years of experience, our law firm has helped past clients navigate civil actions following a motorcycle accident. Our attorneys are very knowledgeable of the applicable laws, and they have assisted previous clients uncover evidence that helps prove fault and liability. Whether it is accident site investigation, police reports or witness's accounts, we work hard to help clients pursue personal injury claims and wrongful death lawsuits.

The damages resulting from a motorcycle crash are often tremendous. The injuries suffered often require a victim to go through significant medical treatment. This can be costly, especially if the victim is not able to work while recovering. Seeking compensation could help offset these financial burdens, helping the victim fully focus on recovery.

To learn more about the potential options available to victims and family members following a motorcycle crash, please visit our law firm's motorcycle accident website. This could provide individuals with general information regarding the situation, so victims and loved ones can take timely and proper action.

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