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What "hours of service" violation most frequently occurs?

West Virginia residents are probably aware of the important role large motor carriers such as semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks play in intrastate and interstate commerce. Because their major purpose is to transport large shipments from one destination to another, these large vehicles are frequently seen on major roads throughout the nation. Moreover, most trucks travel a long distance, requiring truck drivers to drive long hours.

Due to concerns regarding driver fatigue, federal trucking regulations have been passed to monitor and control the number of hours truck drivers can travel in a certain period of time. Despite these efforts, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has noted that there have been numerous violations of these hours of service regulations.

What hours of service violation most frequently occurs? According to recent reports, in the last fiscal year, which began October 1, 2013 and ended September 30, 2014, there were around 72,418 violations of the "30 minute rule."

What is the "30 minute rule?" This rule requires a commercial truck driver to take a 30-minute off-duty break after traveling for eight hours. This rule prohibits drivers from driving more than eight hours without taking this required break. Despite these efforts, it was also reported that there were 31,426 violations for driving beyond a 14-hour duty period. Additionally, FMCSA also reported that there were 16,875 violations for driving beyond 11 consecutive hours with no break.

These violations are rather prevalent and are worth noting as a serious contributor to truck driver fatigue. Because of this, it is important to investigate driving logs, hours of service and off-duty breaks following a truck accident. If it is determined that a truck driver failed to comply with this or other federal trucking regulations, this could be considered a form of negligence.

If a negligent truck driver is at fault in a truck accident, those harmed will likely need to evaluate their options. A civil action could hold a liable party responsible for the injuries, damages and losses caused by the incident.

Source:, "Violations of "30-minute rule" most prevalent in first year of HOS regime," Mark B. Solomon, July 1, 2014

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