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July 2015 Archives

Truck accidents and common causes

Drivers in West Virginia share the roadways with all types of vehicles. Whether a car is traveling near a motorcyclist or a semi-truck, the same concerns and attention should be paid. When a driver of any type of vehicle is not cautious or is not properly paying attention, thus breaching their duty of care, a serious accident could occur.

How is vicarious liability assessed in truck accidents?

Victims of truck accidents often suffer tremendously. These large vehicles can result in large accident sites that involve serious injuries and severe damages. Because of this, injured victims often seek to hold the party responsible for the injuries and damages arising from the truck crash. If a truck driver is found negligent, it is likely that liability will be placed on the driver; however, other circumstances and factors could cause other parties to be liable through vicarious liability.

Fatal rear-end motorcycle crash on West Virginia 2

Everyday, motorists are faced with potential dangers and hazards on the roadway. Motorcyclists often face more severe dangers due to their small size, which often results in these vehicles going undetected by an inattentive driver. Because of this, serious and even fatal collisions could ensue.

Who is at the greatest risk for car crashes during summer?

Summer time means various things to residents in West Virginia and other states across the nation, but it often means school is out, family vacations and celebrating several national holidays with cookouts, gatherings and fireworks. While summer is a time for fun, travel and celebration, it is also a time when traffic on the roadways increase. This causes much concern for automobile collisions.

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