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Taking action after suffering injuries in a truck accident

While the trucking industry provides many economical benefits for residents in West Virginia and elsewhere in the nation, these large vehicles present various dangers and risks on the roadways. Although semi-trucks and tractor-trailers allow large shipments to be made across states and the entire nation, if these trucks are not handled safely, a serious or even fatal collision could occur. Our law firm understands the gravity of a truck crash and how the negligence of a truck driver could be the cause of such collision.

A truck accident is often a severe incident involving a large accident site. Our attorneys understand the importance of looking at the details of the collision to determine the cause of the crash. According to federal regulations, truck drivers are only allowed to work a certain amount of hours in a set amount of time.

Looking at truck logs could determine if a truck driver failed to comply with these regulations. Moreover, a fatigued truck driver could easily be the cause of a truck collision due to overworking. In many truck accident cases, there is more than one liable party. A trucking company could also be liable for the acts of their employer if they were acting in the scope of their employment. Our attorneys have successfully held truck drivers and their employers liable for the injuries and damages caused to past clients.

The aftermath of a truck accident can be emotionally, physically and financially detrimental for victims. Those seriously injured often incur extensive medical bills and rehabilitation costs. Moreover, the injuries suffered might require a victim to take time from work. Our law firm has helped past clients obtain compensation, helping them cover medical bills, lost wages and other damages related to the accident.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, it is important that you understand what rights and remedies are available to you. Our law firm's truck accident overview could be a great starting point to gain more information about options such as a personal injury suit. Victims should be knowledgeable about their options and how they could hold a negligent truck driver liable for their losses and damages related to the incident.

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