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Understanding the symptoms of traumatic brain injury

When residents of West Virginia are involved in a car accident, they are often unprepared to deal with the aftermath of the collision. A car crash could result in a wide range of physical injuries that could temporarily or permanently affect the life of the car accident victim. A traumatic brain injury is considered a serious injury. Because of this, victims should be aware of common symptoms so they can take appropriate action following the incident.

The physical and psychological effects involved in a traumatic brain injury or a TBI have a wide range. While some TBI symptoms are apparent immediately following an accident, others may take a few days and even weeks to appear. The signs and symptoms of a TBI are often dependent on the type and severity of the head injury.

For a mild TBI, common symptoms include the loss of consciousness for a few seconds or minutes, being in a dazed or confused state, experiencing headaches, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, sleeping more than usual and loss of balance. In addition to these physical symptoms, a victim may experience sensory symptoms such as blurred vision, ringing in the ears, sensitivity to lights or sounds, changes in smell or a bad taste in the mouth. Lastly, they could experience cognitive symptoms such as memory problems, mood changes and depression or anxiety.

For moderate to severe TBIs, a victim could experience the same symptoms as a mild TBI in addition to other serious symptoms that could appear within the first hours or days after the head injury. This could include seizures, clear fluids draining from the nose or ears, numbness in fingers or toes, loss of coordination, profound confusion, agitation and even a coma.

This is a brief summary of TBI symptoms; consult a physician for more information. The effect of TBI on the brain can be serious even if the symptoms seem to be mild. This is why it is important that victims receive medical attention immediately following a car accident. When this injury occurs, it is important to get medical treatment documented. This could be helpful if the victim files a personal injury claim in order to recover compensation for medical expenses and other related damages.

Source: Mayo Clinic, "Traumatic brain injury," accessed on Jan. 5, 2014

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