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Understanding the seriousness of mild to moderate TBIs

With regard to accidents on the roadway, some victims may brush off minor injuries. While some injuries might appear minimal, those injured in any type of accident should understand that their injuries could, in fact, be very serious. One of these injuries is a brain injury. A victim might experience a mild head injury that could progress into something serious or even lead to brain damage.

In order to address the issue regarding the different degrees of traumatic brain injuries, a study was recently conducted by the American Academy of Neurology. The researchers discovered that even mild traumatic brain injuries could lead to brain damage. They can also cause thinking and memory problems.

The study involved 44 participants who suffered a mild TBI, nine that suffered a moderate TBI and 33 participants who suffered no brain injury. Those who suffered a mild TBI were injured in common accidents such as falling from a bike or involvement in a slow speed accident. The study revolved around the fact that roughly 90 percent of all TBIs are mild to moderate, thus making some of these damaging effects harder to detect.

The results of the study determined that those with TBIs suffered from brain damage in brain white matter. Those who were injured scored around 25 percent lower than healthy people on thinking and memory tests. One year after the injury, the results on the thinking and memory tests were the same for all participants. For those injured, results indicated that the brain damage was not as widespread as it had been before and certain areas of the brain were compensating for the injured areas.

The majority of TBIs are mild to moderate. In these cases, those injured should consider current and future medical needs regarding their head injury. In some cases, victims may be able to file a personal injury claim if another party is responsible for their injuries. This could result in compensation being awarded and could be used to cover losses such as medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages and other damages.

Source: Science Daily, "Even mild traumatic brain injury may cause brain damage," July 16, 2014

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