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Fracking sites could pose truck accident risks

Due to certain industries, trucks are more commonly seen on certain roadways than others in West Virginia. Whether it is for drilling, construction or shipping, these massive vehicles are often more prone to causing accidents. Their large size creates large blind spots. Furthermore, they do not easily maneuver like other automobiles. This could make stopping and maintaining control of the truck more challenging. A truck accident could occur when a negligent driver fails to uphold a certain standard of care, while behind the wheel. This usually amounts to being attentive and following the rules of the road. When a driver fails to do so, they could cause a serious truck collision, injuring or killing the victims involved.

The booming production of oil and natural gas remains in the state of West Virginia, and the trucks and heavy equipment involved in fracking has created some dangers for residents. This is especially true for those traveling on the roadways with or near these machines and trucks. The fracking industry has noted that they are aware that there are safety and traffic issues, and they have been taking steps to reduce incidents and improve safety.

Despite these efforts and proposed initiatives, these are real concerns for drivers on the roadways. In the past, there have been serious truck collisions that resulted in the death of innocent victims. These dangers are still present and residents should be aware of this.

It is not only the massive heavy equipment and trucks that create these risks to an ordinary driver on the roadway. Heavy traffic near a drilling site requires extra caution, and a negligent driver or operator could cause an accident, affecting numerous victims around the site.

When an individual is injured or killed in a truck accident, it is important for the injured party or the loved ones of the deceased to understand their options. They could file a cause of action to recover compensation to cover expenses associated to the incident such as medical bill, funeral costs, damages and pain and suffering.

A serious or fatal truck accident can be a very devastating to those involved and affected by it. In these matters, it is important to understand the cause and whether a negligent party is liable. This could help them with their claim to recover compensation to alleviate their financial hardship.

Source: Observer-Reporter, "Deadly side effect to fracking boom," Kevin Begos & Jonathan Fahey, May 5, 2014

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