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May 2014 Archives

Motorcyclist dies during surgery after crash in West Virginia

Seeing motorcycles on the roadways stretching across the state of West Virginia is not rare. Motorcyclists can be seen traveling on major roads, city streets and residential areas throughout most of the year. While most drivers on the roadway are aware that they share the roads with other vehicles, these small vehicles often go unnoticed. This is because motorcycles are difficult to see if they are in the blind spot of a driver. Furthermore, if a driver fails to check these areas or does not adequately check traffic before making a maneuver, he or she could easily collide with one of these small vehicles.

Multi-vehicle crash injures four in West Virginia

During certain times of the day, traffic can be very intense in West Virginia. During rush hour, many travelers seek to reach their destinations in a timely matter, but serious traffic, construction, detours and car accidents could extend their travel time. Furthermore, if a driver fails to properly pay attention when the road is congested, they could collide with a vehicle and even cause a chain reaction accident. This will include several vehicles, numerous victims and could result in serious injuries and severe damages.

Worker killed in West Virginia mining accident

Certain industries in West Virginia pose increased risks for workers. The mining industry includes some occupations that are very dangerous and require specific training and safety equipment. Even with these safety measures, employees could be involved in a workplace accident. Accidents like this could result in serious injuries or even death. After such incidents occur, it is important that employers fully investigate the incident and take appropriate measures to similar occurrences and injuries from happening in the future.

Fracking sites could pose truck accident risks

Due to certain industries, trucks are more commonly seen on certain roadways than others in West Virginia. Whether it is for drilling, construction or shipping, these massive vehicles are often more prone to causing accidents. Their large size creates large blind spots. Furthermore, they do not easily maneuver like other automobiles. This could make stopping and maintaining control of the truck more challenging. A truck accident could occur when a negligent driver fails to uphold a certain standard of care, while behind the wheel. This usually amounts to being attentive and following the rules of the road. When a driver fails to do so, they could cause a serious truck collision, injuring or killing the victims involved.

West Virginia honors 22 workers who died in work accidents

When a disastrous event takes place in the work environment, it is important that employers, employees, loved ones, and the community understand how they can take steps to avoid future occurrences. Having awareness of the risks and dangers that some occupations possess or could encounter is crucial to avoiding serious or fatal work injuries. Following a workplace accident, proper investigation not only determines cause but also could reduce future incidents by increasing awareness, training, and safety features.

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