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April 2014 Archives

Six-car pileup in West Virginia injures several

Residents of West Virginia often witness heavy traffic during the early morning and evening commutes to and from work. It is during these times that drivers are in a rush to get to their final destination. This could lead to dangerous driving behaviors or distractions. If a driver is speeding or is on their phone, they could lose control of the vehicle. This could result in a collision with not only one vehicle but could also involve several vehicles around the initial crash.

West Virginia authorities investigate fatal head-on collision

Although the roadways are considered a very useful and safe route for many vehicles to take, they can also set the stage for some serious crashes. If a driver is not properly paying attention, distracted or under the influence, they could cause a serious or even fatal crash. This is why it is important that all drivers pay attention and uphold the standard of care of a safe driver. Watching speeds, following road signs and signals, using blinkers and mirrors, wearing a seatbelt and not texting and driving are all steps a driver should take to guard against an accident.

Mining accident injures eight in West Virginia mine

Some industries in West Virginia pose great risks to employees. Although dangerous occupations come with some risks, employers seek to increase safety by providing adequate training and safety features. Even when these are present, a workplace accident could occur. Whether it is due to negligence, failure to inspect or is simply an accident, an employee could be seriously injured in a work incident.

Car accident in West Virginia kills two and injures several

Drivers in West Virginia understand that inclement weather could create dangers on the roadway. Although spring is technically here, drivers should still be aware that snow and ice could be present. If a vehicle is traveling too fast for conditions, they could lose control of their vehicle while traveling on the roadway or attempting to stop or maneuver. This could ultimately lead to a multi-vehicle collision, involving serious injuries, severe damages and even fatalities.

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