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January 2014 Archives

Three-car intersection crash still under investigation

Morning and evening commutes are often a hectic time on the roadways. Residents and visitors in West Virginia might have to rush through traffic in order to reach their destination in a timely matter. During busy times, heavy traffic could lead to a multi-vehicle collision. This could involve several vehicles and numerous victims. A simple act of negligence or a distraction could lead to serious injuries and severe damages if an accident ensues.

Detection device will be used in West Virginia mines for safety

The mining industry is an important one to the state of West Virginia. Many residents take on the occupation of a miner and can make a good career out of it. Although it provides them with their livelihood, miners are often put at risk and in harm's way every day at work. Mining equipment and working in a mine itself can result in fatal or serious accidents. Workplace safety is crucial in these occupations, because it will help to reduce and avoid on-the-job injuries and fatal accidents.

Intersection collision in West Virginia injures two

When a driver is even slightly distracted or inattentive many lives could be put at risk. In addition to putting their own life in danger, distracted and inattentive drivers are endangering their passengers and others traveling on the roadways. Negligent behaviors could lead to speeding, swerving and going through a red light or stop sign. Any of these could result in an automobile collision. Those involved could be seriously injured or killed, and the crash could result in severe damage and road closures.

More than 30 crashes across West Virginia due to slick roads

West Virginia residents are used to the change of seasons. Although most residents have travelled in inclement weather, winter weather can be very dangerous for drivers. Snow or ice covered roads could be hazardous to drive on, and when a driver is not taking adequate precautions they could lose control of their vehicle. This frequently occurs when a vehicle is traveling much too fast for the conditions. Not only is the life of the driver put at risk, but the lives of other drivers as well.

Two transported to hospital following crash in Beckley

A simple negligent act could seriously injure or kill another driver or a passenger on the road. Driving too fast, failing to yield or stop, driving took closely to other vehicles, failing to use a turn signal, making an abrupt stop and texting while driving are all dangerous actions that could result in an accident.

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