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Three-car crash in West Virginia causes head injury

When an accident occurs, anything could happen. The individuals involved could be seriously injured or even killed. The victims who suffer injuries could be in critical condition and have to endure a series of surgeries or could even be permanently disabled by the automobile collision. This does not only impact the injured parties but also their loved ones, because they could have a lifetime of medical needs.

Three injured in two-car accident in West Virginia

It is not uncommon for roads to close when an accident occurs. Drivers in West Virginia might have to detour around a major automobile collision or multi-vehicle crash. Although this might be frustrating for some drivers, it, not only protects those involved in the crash, but it also reduces the chances of others getting involved due to hazards on the road. Road closures allow for emergency crews to properly clear the site, provide medical care to those injured and for investigation to be properly conducted.

Woman injured in hit-and-run crash on Halloween

Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings. In addition to taking notice of the vehicles traveling near them, drivers should also be aware of cyclists and pedestrians. When a driver is negligent and fails to notice, yield or stop for a pedestrian or bicyclist, they could collide and result in serious injuries or even fatalities. Because of the size and speed of the motor vehicle, pedestrian and bicyclists are not only unable to stand up to the impact of the vehicle, but they also have very little chance to evade the impending crash.

Fatal accident in West Virginia kills one and injures another

Whether traveling in a major city or in a small town, incidents can happen at anytime on the roadways in West Virginia. In the morning and evenings, the roads are often filled with vehicles traveling to and from work and school. This often causes heavy traffic and drivers get anxious and frustrated because they need to reach their destination. Whether a driver is speeding, following too close or is distracted because they are on their phone, risky and dangerous habits on the road could lead to a serious accident causing injuries and even death.

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