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October 2013 Archives

Two workers injured in work accident on well site

Getting up and going to work every day is a normal routine for most residents in West Virginia. Even when a specific job presents dangers and risks, employees are used to the daily encounters and tend to not question their safety. Manual laborers that work with heavy machinery face numerous dangers in the work environment, but, with proper training and safety equipment, these hazards can be reduced significantly. Even when safety measures are carried out, a work accident could happen, resulting in serious injuries or even fatalities.

Fatal West Virginia accident still under investigation

Residents in West Virginia take to the road on a daily basis to get to and from their destinations. Whether they are on their way to work, school or to the store, traveling on the roadways could present various risks and dangers. The road is the stage for car accidents everyday, and often a negligent or distracted driver will cause them. Whether they are speeding or texting while driving, a distraction of even the smallest form could result in a fatal car crash.

Truck accident with train raises safety concerns

Accidents can happen for various reasons and are often very unexpected. Some accidents occur because a driver was negligent. This can happen when a driver speeds, is distracted or fails to properly maintain their vehicle. When a negligent driver causes an accident those affects could be seriously injured or even killed.

Miner injured in work accident does not survive

Going to work is a common practice for West Virginia residents. Although having a career is not a rare occurrence, several residents do not go to a workplace that presents dangers and risks on a daily basis. Employees that work in a mine often encounter numerous hazards, but with the proper training and safety gear, mining accidents can be reduced. Although employers take the steps necessary to avoid fatal work accidents, serious accidents can still occur that could cause a miner to be seriously injured or even killed on the job.

Pharmacy student recovering after truck accident in West Virginia

Following a serious accident, victims often face daily struggles. Additionally, their friends and family members could also be impacted by the accident as they offer their support and help the loved one through their recovery. A truck accident often leaves the vehicle and its occupants severely affected. The massive vehicle could seriously injure a driver or passenger, which could mean long-term medical care.

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