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West Virginia mine cited after fatal accident

When a loved one leaves for work in the morning, most people do not think about the potential dangers they might encounter during their workday. Some occupations require employees to work in very dangerous environments or engage in dangerous tasks at the workplace. In these workplace environments, it becomes very important for employers to take safety in the workplace very seriously. Taking certain precautions could help avoid serious accidents and even deaths in the workplace.

Two-vehicle West Virginia accident injures several

Residents in West Virginia understand the importance of road safety. When it comes to road safety this means double checking the maintenance of a vehicle, ensuring a seatbelt is properly worn, looking both ways at an intersection and double checking mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes. A driver who fails to follow the rules of the road or is negligent due to distracting activities such as texting while driving, could cause a car accident. Those affected by a negligent driver might have a cause of action to recover compensation for the damages and injuries associated with the accident.

Alcohol a possible factor in Berkeley County car accident

West Virginia drivers understand that there are many things they can do to increase their safety on the roadway. These include watching their speed, wearing their seatbelts, signaling lane changes and turns, not using their phones while driving and not following other vehicles too closely. But even if a driver carefully follows all the rules of the road and takes every reasonable precaution, they may still be unable to evade a negligent driver.

Miner suffers a leg fracture in mining accident

Residents of West Virginia understand that industrial jobs include dangers and hazards. Those working in mines encounter risks on a daily basis. Additional training and having safety equipment provided often alleviate these dangers. Even when this happens, a work injury could still occur. This will often leave the worker seriously injured, dismembered, disfigured or even dead. This makes it especially important to keep these work environments safe and continually checked.

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