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August 2013 Archives

West Virginia bike struck by driver with fogged windows

Riding a bicycle in West Virginia is not without its dangers. Due to their smaller profile, cyclists are often not as visible to motorists as another automobile. This is especially true when the motorist is distracted or not watching for cyclists or pedestrians. It is important for drivers to reduce speeds when approaching crosswalks and avoid distracting activities such as talking or texting on their cellphones.

One injured in a motorcycle-truck crash in West Virginia

West Virginia drivers understand that some vehicles on the roadways are more prone to accidents than others. Massive trucks often fill the major roads due to the constant demand for ground shipments. Additionally, during the warmer months, motorcyclists are seen traveling on all types of roadways. Both of these vehicles have a tendency to be involved in accidents due to their size. Large semi-trucks and tractor-trailers cannot maneuver as well as smaller vehicles and will often have large blind spots. In contrast, motorcycles are very small and maneuver quickly between lanes. They can often do so unnoticed, especially in blind spots.

Two-car accident in Charleston injures one

Coping with the loss of a loved one or caring for an injured loved one is often a very difficult situation. The pain and emotions associated with an accident are often hard realities to face. People severely injured in accidents may not be able to fully recover and their futures might be limited. A distracted driver or a negligent or drunk driver on the roadway can create hazardous situations, which often lead to serious automobile collisions.

Distracted driving is a real concern in West Virginia

West Virginia drivers understand that sometimes accidents occur on the roadways. In some cases, it is a simple fender bender that does not result in much cost to the liable party. In other cases, a driver is negligent and causes a serious collision that results in severe damage, injuries and even fatalities. In these cases, the driver at fault could face serious consequences for their actions.

Driver blows through stop sign, causes serious accident

Most people have experienced a time in their life where they were running late and in a rush. When that happens, people start to cut corners in order to save a few seconds. A driver who is running late may have the urge to drive a little faster, speed through a changing light or not make a complete stop at a stop sign. These actions could ultimately lead to the driver getting pulled over and ticketed, which will take far longer than the time saved. Furthermore, these negligent acts could cause a serious accident.

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