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July 2013 Archives

Two-car accident in West Virginia kills one and injures two

Every time a driver gets behind the wheel they are giving themselves a duty. That duty is to drive safely, keep all occupants in the vehicle away from harm and keep other drivers traveling on the road safe as well. This is often accomplished by wearing seatbelts, watching speeds, not using a cell phone while driving and remaining attentive. When a driver is negligent, they are more likely to cause or be involved in an accident. When a driver isn't attentive, speeds or fails to stop at a sign or signal, an automobile accident could ensue.

Employee injured following toll booth accident

West Virginia residents understand the importance of the turnpike. The roadway makes it easier and faster to get to their destination, especially when they are traveling a long distance. Drivers are aware that they have to stop at a toll booth to pay for access on the road and witness toll booth attendants serving numerous drivers as they drive through. Attendants working the booths often encounter risks working near moving vehicles, so when an accident occurs near the toll booth, the workers could suffer an injury.

West Virginia gas well explosion injures five

West Virginia residents understand that some occupations are dangerous. Individuals who work in those fields will take necessary precautions in order to avoid any accidents. Additional training or safety equipment will often reduce the chances of workplace accidents. When an employee is injured while working, they may need to seek medical attention and need time off to recover. The benefit of workers' compensation is crucial at these times because it will help cover expenses and lost wages.

Two-car crash kills one and injures three

West Virginia residents are aware of all the dangers that roadways pose. A distracted driver can cause great risks on the road and can cause serious car accidents. Texting while driving is a huge concern, and too many drivers attempt to multi-task while traveling on the road. This could lead to a driver missing a stop sign, not noticing a light change or failing to maintain a lane.

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