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June 2013 Archives

West Virginia coal miner wins workers' comp

When a worker is injured at the workplace, it is important that they fully recover so they can return to work. Medical treatment and rehabilitation can be costly, especially when insurance does not cover all of it. In addition, some work injuries can require a lengthy recovery. This prevents the worker from returning to work and subsequently results in them losing wages. Workers' compensation is an important benefit for West Virginia employees because it not only allows them to take the time needed to recover but it also encourages workers to get the needed medical attention required to fully recover.

Motorcycle accident kills West Virginia woman

Residents in West Virginia may use the warm summer months to take a long car ride, a road trip or head to destinations to enjoy the weather. Motorcyclists often use this time to travel to nearby states or long distances in order to take advantage of the warm weather. Roadways are often seen packed with vehicles route to their vacation destinations, but sometimes motorcyclist can go undetected. This is due to their small size, ability to quickly maneuver between vehicle and risk of being hidden in the bind spots of drivers. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious motorcycle accidents.

West Virginia truck driver killed while working on semi-truck

Some occupations require a specific skill. Even when an employee possesses that skill, to ensure that the workers conduct themselves properly and follow safety protocols, the employer will often provide additional training. Even when those measures are taken, workplace accident can occur and tragedy can result. A benefit that can often assist when a worker is injured or killed is workers' compensation, but the incident must have occurred while on-the-job.

Two-car accident in West Virginia sends driver to hospital

West Virginia residents understand how driving can bring frustrations, especially when there is heavy traffic. However, drivers must not let themselves get distracted during times of traffic jams or long commutes, because distraction can in turn result in a car accident.

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